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(A door comes into the frame that has a hastily-posted sign that says 'LOCKER ROOM,' adorned with the WWX Logo. A man wearing a t-shirt with 'Staff' emblazoned across the back knocks on the door, opening it and poking his head in. A moment later, Kurtis Ray emerges, dressed in his usual entrance attire, and he sets off at a job down a hallway, bumping fists and slapping hands with the various staff members and exhausted-looking wrestlers before finally reaching a curtain marked with a piece of paper that says 'GORILLA.' Kurtis pushes through the curtains and is stopped by the stage director who mimes a countdown from five. Kurtis bounces on the balls of his feet until his music cues, and Kurtis pushes through another set of curtains to the stage.

The scene cuts to another camera as the first cameraman scrambles away, and Kurtis poses on the ramp for the fans, finally raising his arm and pumping it, enticing an enthusiastic 'CHOO CHOO' from the WWX fans. Kurtis grins, flashing a thumbs up before starting down the ramp. He continues to slap hands and bumps fists as he goes. He stops at the bottom of the ramp, looking at a fan wearing various Kurtis Ray and Syndicate merchandise. Kurtis shrugs off his robe, handing it to the fan, and revealing a T-Shirt over his doublet bearing the phrase #fallout.

Finally Kurtis climbs into the ring, climbing up on one of the turnbuckles to pose for the fans again, enticing another 'CHOO CHOO' from the fans with a well-timed fist pump. Finally he waves over the ring manager and accepting a microphone.)

KURTIS: How we doin' tonight Universe?

(The crowd roars and Kurtis looks legitimately startles, taking a surprised step back. He regains his composure almost immediately, but views the crowd with an air of feigned awe.)

KURTIS: Jesus Christ! I know I usually encourage you to make some noise but really! Warn a guy next time. You gave me the palpitations.

(There is a mix of cheers and laughter from the crowd as Kurtis makes a show of thumping on his chest, then bends over a bit, holding two fingers to his neck.)

KURTIS: Alright, not dead yet. Good start.

(Kurtis is silent for a moment, packing a slow circle in the ring. He watches the crowd, looking for something before he stops dead, his face lighting up. He waves over the ring manager, who nods and jumps out of the ring, returning a moment later with a small that he passes to the former champion, who accepts it with a slight inclination of his head. Kurtis opes the cooler and produces a can of Red Bull, setting down the cooler so it's out of his way. Kurtis opens the Red Bull and drains the can.)

KURTIS: Aaaah. Much better. Alright! Where were we?

(Kurtis taps his finger and, but proxy, the microphone against his lips. After a moment he makes a show of snapping his fingers.)

KURTIS: Oh right! My match on Ravage. In a couple of days, me and Syndicate throw down. It's not for the title, but it is for a title shot. And there are a lot of people who don't want me to make it past this match. Syndicate is the gate that's keeping me out of the main event at Holiday Hell.

(The crowd pops, and Kurtis nods, holding the mic out towards the fans and cupping a hand by his ear. After a moment, he raises the mic back up to his face.)

KURTIS: Thing is, there's a lot of types of gates. There's fence gates. There's half gates. There's turnstiles. There's logic gates. Then there's Syndicate. And there's no mincing words here, there's no denying it. Syndicate is a tough nut to crack. So I have an obstacle in my path between now and my inevitable ascension back to the top of this company.

(Kurtis pauses for a moment for the fans to cheer, and he taunts the crowd to entice them into making more noise. After a minute, he continues speaking.)

KURTIS: Now I'm putting Syndicate aside for the second. I know there are people who don't think I deserve to be where I am in the pecking order at present. Far as I am concerned, and you can quote me on this, every one of those people can go suck an army of dicks. I've worked to get were I am. I am one of the best performers in this ring. I can take it from anybody and give it back ten times over. I can out up when my mouth writes a check. There is nobody in this business quite like me, and that is a very good thing for me.

(The crowd pops again and Kurtis raises a finger to silence them.)

KURTIS: Now. Now's the part where we get into the heavy stuff. Syndicate. Sydney. Syd. You made an assertion today I just can't ignore. Maybe it's cause I'm biased. Maybe it's because I want to beat the hell out of you. Either way, it was the one part of your promo that really spoke to me. Production, if you'd please?

(The camera pans to the Ravagetron, where a clip from the aforementioned promo is cued up.)

SYNDICATE: Kurtis...the war is coming.  And, unfortunately...there will be no survivors.  Welcome...to the Syndicate.

KURTIS: Did you guys hear it? Do I need to play it again?

(Kurtis is silent for a long moment, but when the crowd doesn't comment he grins.)

KURTIS: And for unfortunately... There will be no surivival. Every step we take, every move we make as up we,we have an exit strategy. Fight or flight response. But the thing that's getting stuck in my craw  is 'There will be no survivors.'

(Kurtis signals and the clip audio plays again.)

KURTIS: A war with no survivors would be a terrible strategy. Wars are not won or lost by the number of survivors, or the amount of casualties. Wars end when one side breaks, be that physically, emotionally, or mentally. You've managed to push me a long way, Syndicate, but you're nowhere near breaking me. And if you're saying there's not going to be any survivors, that sounds like you're championing for us to both lose. You gotta pay attention to these things, guy.

(Kurtis smirks and earns another round of cheers and laughs from the fans.)

KURTIS: Either way, it's time for brass tacks. You want to make this a war, Syndicate, I will fight and die willingly on the field of honor for the Hype Train. I will fight with every last ounce of blood in my body for Kurtis Ray, because Kurtis Ray is something I believe in. It's something they believe in.

(Kurtis points out into the crowd.)

KURTIS: This is the part where things start getting similar to what I've said before, but I don't care. I will not lose this match, Syd. It's even past the point of not being able to; if I lose this match then you get a Turkey, and I can't stand for that. Ravage is going to be my night. Ravage is going to be the show that defines what your 2018 looks like. Ravage is going to be the moment where I put up. And unfortunately, even after all the nice, fluffy things you've had to say in a couple promos.... Ravage is the night I'll expose the cracks in the foundation of your character and I will use that to tear you down.

(Kurtis starts to pace in the ring again.)

KURTIS: This might be a war for you, but I think a siege is more fitting for my work. I'm a war machine build to take people like you down. I'm the battering ram that busts through your gates or your wall. I'm the ballistae that showers you with literal trees. I'm the catapult hurling balls of burning pitch. You're in the stronger position here, but I don't rightly care, because eventually, no matter the wall, if you keep on attacking, eventually it cracks. And when it cracks, it's never quite the same.

(Kurtis smirks, spinning on his keel and coming to a stop in the middle of the ring.)

KURTIS: On Saturday, I will storm your battlefield. No matter how well you think you've prepared, you'll figure out pretty quick there's no way to really prepare for the Hype Train. You may think you've planned for every opportunity, but then in roll the seige towers and boom! The walls you've built around your chewy center are gone. All of this, everything is building towards a moment, and that moment.... Belongs to the Hype Train. Can I get a choo-choo?


(Once again Kurtis looks surprised at the boisterous response, but he grins anyway, nodding his head.)

KURTIS: You heard 'em, kid.

(Kurtis drops the mic as his music queues, and the Hype Train plays to the fans as the camera starts to pan away. It comes in to focus on a Holiday Hell banner, zooming into it, before cutting to black.)

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