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On Wed, Dec06, 2017 2:47pm America/Phoenix
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*Black-and-white static cuts across the screen before switching to a close-up shot of the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship.  The title's faceplate glints as sunlight shines above it, seemingly igniting the gold plating covering the plate.*

???: Isn't she something...

*A hand comes from off-camera and grabs the belt.  The camera pans to reveal Syndicate standing next to the table that previously held up the championship.  Syndicate is dressed in a black Tapout muscle shirt, blue jeans, and black Nike sneakers.  He is standing next to a wooden picnic table, and in the background lies the famous Lovett Hall of Rice University in Houston.*


Syndicate: You really want me, huh, Rayne?  You want the champ?  You want the OUTLAW?

*He chuckles.*

Syndicate: Good.  I'm glad.  I'm glad you want to rip me apart and cause unspeakable pain to me.  In fact, I dare you to come at me with your hardest punches, your most vicious kicks.  I dare you to tear me to shreds, just as you say.  But, if I were you, Rayne...I wouldn't.  Why?

*Syndicate stares at the camera as he clutches the championship's strap with both hands.*

Syndicate: You know why.  You know why, at this moment, your little plan of revenge won't work.  Because you're alone, Rayne.  Even if Super Bacon is there to back your puny little ass up, you're all alone...against the two best wrestlers on the planet today.  That's not a winning situation for you, buddy, no matter what you say.

*The champ turns away from the camera and begins walking down one of the area's many paths.*

Syndicate: Don't you get it, Rayne?  Don't you get what this is?  Ravage will not play host to a tag team match, no - it will play host to a MUGGING.  You CONTINUALLY push yourself into my business, expecting to be treated as someone worthy of respect.  Remember, NOBODY asked you to be ANYWHERE NEAR the World title picture.  And before you say, "I earned my spot," I'm going to call bullshit because you and I both know that's false.  Kurtis Ray at least has a World title under his belt.  Darkness has his rematch from Hall of Pain, and as long as he's okay with getting his teeth kicked in at Holiday Hell, I will honor that rematch.  But you...what have YOU done?  Played third wheel to Fill and Korath?  Won a minor title here or there, just to stay somewhat relevant?  Is that it, Rayne?  Huh.  And I'M somehow the coward and the weakling in this story.

Syndicate: Let's talk about that coward thing, because I'm sure that was something you really wanted to get across to me.  Would a coward take on three World Champions in a House of Horrors match to win back HIS World title?  Would a coward continually beat the competition put in front of him?  Would a coward be a FIVE-TIME World Heavyweight Champion, hmm?  Here's the thing, pal: if you want to get revenge for me winning by sheer luck last week - yeah, I'll admit to that - then how about you actually beat me this week?  How about you actually do what you promise to do for once in your damn life?  Or is it just THAT much easier to blame someone else for your problems?

*The slight smile drops from the face of the Los Angeles Outlaw as he continues on his walk.*

Syndicate: The funny part about all this is that, no matter what you say, I am STILL World Heavyweight Champion.  How does that make you feel, Rayne, knowing that a COWARD like me has EARNED a better position in this business than you EVER will?  Pretty shitty, I assume.  I have ascended to greatness, even if you dispute that.  I put butts in the seats because people want to be captivated.  They want to see a show, and that's what I'm the best in the world at doing.  I ENTERTAIN, and later, I RETAIN what is rightfully mine - this UNDISPUTED World Heavyweight Championship.

Syndicate: Ravage will mark the end of the road for you, Rayne.  You've fought valiantly for the past four or so years, but I'm sorry to say that it's just...not...enough.  No matter how dysfunctional my partnership with Darkness may be, at least I have a partner worth fighting with.  Even if you overcome the odds, and even if you destroy the |BLEEP| out of me, Rayne...there's still another titan to overcome.  You will fail.  You will be discarded like the piece of garbage that you truly are.  And, no matter what happens, I, Syndicate...will still be your champion.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*He walks away as Rice University fills with static.*



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