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*The image of static fills the screen before transitioning into a replay of the ending of the World Championship match from Fury - Night of Champions.  At this point in the match, Syndicate and Jake Devine are facing off at the top of the cage.*

The two men exchange blows from the top as they try to keep their balance. Devine kicks Syndicate and goes to pull him in to throw him down. Syndicate comes up with another uppercut and grabs hold of him bringing him in for a no signal! Both men fly off the cage and hit the mat bouncing. The fans are on their feet as both men lie flat. Syndicate rolls over as the pin is counted!


*A shorter burst of static interrupts the shot.  After the static ceases, the screen is taken up with a close-up shot of the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship.  The championship belt is propped up on a wooden table in front of a black curtain displaying the WWX logo.  A distinctive murmur can be heard, seemingly from a nearby crowd of people.*

???: Alright, everyone, let's get settled in so we can get out of here as quick as possible.

*The camera zooms out to reveal the scene as a WWX press conference.  Sitting next to the World title is Syndicate, the championship's current holder.  He is dressed in a white leather jacket with a black t-shirt underneath and worn-down blue jeans below.  The champion's hair is freely hanging around his face, but Syndicate is by no means disinterested.  He smiles before addressing the crowd of reporters sitting in front of him.*

Syndicate: So, I didn't really have anything planned for this conference.  I'm just here so I won't get fined.

*The room chuckles.*

Syndicate: Seriously, though, ask away.

*The reporters stand up and wave their arms, crying out to be called on.*

Syndicate: Ummm, how about......you.

*He points at a tall white man with brown hair and glasses in the third row.*

Reporter: Mark Ronsman, ESPN.  Just a few nights ago, you survived a brutal encounter with Jake Devine and retained the World title.  You are now faced with the challenge of Krimzon Blaze.  Are you confident in your ability to defeat the veteran and four-time World Champion?

*Syndicate smirks at the reporter.*

Syndicate: I know you're supposed to be the one asking the questions here, but let me ask you one: what happened the last time Krimzon Blaze got close to the World title?

*Ronsman gives Syndicate a quizzical look.*

Ronsman: Well, he took part in a triple-threat street fight for the title with you and Cameron Westport.

Syndicate: Yeah...and?

Ronsman: Well...you walked out with the title.

*The champion smiles.*

Syndicate: That's right, Matt, I retained the title!

Ronsman: My name's Mark...

Syndicate: Doesn't matter.  Good ol' Krim went into the match with a full head of steam, saying that his "high-flying style" and "veteran instinct" would win him the World Championship.  After he LOST, though, "The Aerial Specialist" blamed the failure not on himself...but on Cameron.  Listen, I know Cameron was the one that got his ass pinned and everything...but isn't it on Krimzon that he didn't win the match instead?  He's got nobody to blame but himself!  And now, here he is, trying to get back on the winning side again by facing me in a non-title affair.

*He shakes his head.*

Syndicate: The title may not be on the line, but as far as I'm concerned, that doesn't matter.  Cameron Westport won't be around to distract either of us, and I think the result will reflect that when Krimzon Blaze is on the receiving end of a beating even bigger than last time.  Does that answer your question?

Ronsman: Yes, I do believe so.

Syndicate: Great!  Next question then.

*A young woman stands up immediately, catching Syndicate's eye.*

Syndicate: Yes?

Woman: Paige Taylor, WWXonline.com.

Syndicate: Ahh, you must be the new girl.

*Paige smiles.*

Taylor: Don't you dare call me a girl.

*Syndicate raises his hands in "surrender"*.

Syndicate: Fair enough.  Whatcha got?

Taylor: You have been on a tear since you lost to Kurtis Ray at Aftershock this past February - undefeated, in fact.  What has inspired you to go on this run, and why do you think you can continue the streak against Krimzon Blaze?

Syndicate: Great question.  The rest of you should learn from Paige or she might be taking your job soon.

*The room laughs, as does Syndicate.*

Syndicate: You know, Paige, back then, after I lost MY World title to the demon known as Kurtis Ray, I termed my comeback as the "resurgence" of Syndicate.  When I defeated Kurtis at Deadlock, the "resurgence", I claimed, was completed.

*He pauses.*

Syndicate: But that was never true.  I never stopped wrestling at 125%, and why should I have?  I was handling every opponent the WWX threw at me, just like I am right now.  Nobody can touch me, and nobody can beat me.  I am UNSTOPPABLE, Paige.  That much is a fact.  But Krimzon Blaze wants to take a swing, huh?  Let him try.

*Syndicate switches his attention from the room of reporters to the camera.*

Syndicate: Krimzon, I know you're out there.  I'm not going to argue with you about achievements or history or anything like that.  All I know is that, right now, I'm the hottest man in this company - nay, the world.  There's a reason why I am STILL your World Heavyweight Champion, and that is because I am the BEST, the UNDISPUTED BEST.  On Fury, the title won't be on the line, but from my perspective, your chance at EVER becoming World Champion again might be.  I hope you know what you're getting yourself into by going one-on-one with the Los Angeles Outlaw.

*He breaks out of his train of thought and looks out at the reporters once more.*

Syndicate: Well, that did not go as expected.  I guess I'm just going to call it there.  Direct any other questions to WWX management and I'll send out a Heat Tweet or something, I don't know.

*Syndicate stands up, grabs his World Championship, and begins walking out of the room.*

Syndicate: Oh, and welcome to the Syndicate.

*The shot is immediately overtaken by static.*


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