$uper Bacon

Roleplay Roleplay by DRAGONFLY
On Sun, Apr15, 2018 6:12pm America/Phoenix
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$uper Bacon

* A midget appears in a mini super bacon costume. Invisible wires lift the pudgy little person. *

* Wind from an industrial size fan flaps the super hero cape causing it to billows in the wind. *

* The green screen in the backdrop plays a cartoonish cloudy sky background to portray flight.. *

-Mini Super Bacon-
Do you see that? It's the Bacon beacon! 

* A bacon shaped shadow illuminates the sky from a Vancouver light tower. *

-Mini Super Bacon-
Ugh! Canada? Canadian Bacon is fake news. Everyone knows it's really ham! Aye. 

* The superhero cape blows over the midgets head, temporarily blinding the caped crusader. *

-Mini Super Bacon-
Armada! Here I come..

* Mini Super Bacon spins uncontrollably and crash lands into the green screen with a loud thud. *

* The camera swings up for an overhead shot of the cat walk above to reveal DragonFly. *


Super Bacon. You are a comedy character parody of a superhero. An Entertaining slapstick clown.

I challenge you to prove me wrong. Show us why anyone should take you seriously. Because this is no joke. This is Armada. This is the Elimination Chamber. This. Is. War! Prepare to be a casualty.


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