Upon a new frontier

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Mon, Nov20, 2017 11:52am America/Phoenix
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Upon a new frontier
[The camera pans out showing “Welcome to Texas” as cars can be seen flying by. The camera goes through the city as cars fly by, and people can be seen interacting on the sidewalks. The camera lands on the “San Antonio sign” as it rolls onto another sign stating “Brackenridge Park”. The park appears to be rather empty as the sun has begun to set. Nearby a pond in the park, a large tree shades over it as a man can be seen sitting up against it, looking out over the water. The camera moves closer as he can be heard speaking].

???: *Imitated country accent* The stars at night...are big and bright...deep in the heart of Texas!

[He lets out a small laugh as he pushes himself up off the ground. Hair slightly covering his face, Rayne can be seen as he stares up into the camera, a smirk on his face].

Rayne: Heelllooo everyone. Miss me?

[He smiles into the camera as he brushes his hair out of his face].

Rayne: Though it took alittle more effort than desired, I was able to do, once again, exactly what I said I was going to do. I took down the hype train. For some reason, people seem to continue to doubt me as I move forward. I havent quite figured out why, but continue to take every one of them with a smile as I continue to move forward. However, this week kind of rocked me alittle bit. I got the call like I always do telling me where I am going to be, but I wasnt ready this week for what I was going to hear. 

[Rayne stops in his tracks as he continues speaking].

Rayne: It was almost like christmas came early. I not only get the chance to once again wreck the hype train, but I also get a man that somehow hasnt crossed my path in either of our times within WWX. I get the Undisputed Champion, Syndicate. Not only do I get him in this match, I get a shot at the Undisputed Championship prior to moving into Holiday Hell. Now that...that was some news. 

[Rayne continues to walk again].

Rayne: To begin, I have the hype train in another match. Now, as im sure he is not going to admit, he lost fair and square against me. No interference, no nothing. The fact of the matter comes down to that I showed him that I was the better man and proved it also. This time around, I will continue to show no mercy as I move towards the one thing that I want more than anything. Putting a belt between the two of us is not going to make things any easier on anyone. Ray, I am undefeated against you as it stands. When we step into the ring once more, I will add to my victory streak on you and further prove that the hype train cant handle your supposed “Rayne Delay”. You arent my focus as of right now though, someone else is. The legend himself, the Los Angeles Outlaw, Syndicate. 

[Rayne takes a breath before he continues].

Rayne: Syndicate and I have been wrestling for this company for quite a span of time, and somehow have never gotten into the championship picture at the same time. The last time that I had a shot at this championship, when Krimzon was running it, he was just an up and comer. When he was on his rise, I was out. I walked away. I needed some time to make sure that this is still what I wanted because I was in a dark place that I had to find my way out of. Now, like most of my opponents like to talk about in regards to him, our paths are finally about to cross. 

[Rayne turns back around looking over the lake as he continues speaking].

Rayne:  I sat by last week and happened to catch his most recent promo which was rather intriguing to me. Like I said, this guy was nothing more than an opener when I was around last time and come back to hear hes on his third title reign. But, as I was saying, I sat back and listened to him speaking about how this is his WWX, that the title was his, and that he is the “measuring stick” for which we all should abide by more or less. While I appreciate the enthusiasm, I have to say that this poor man is wrong. Let me explain. 

[Rayne goes down near the water as he continues speaking].

Rayne: You see, for the last few months, this poor guy has gone up against the same hash of people for the most part, with Darkness being the biggest offender of them all. Because he has continuously put Darkness into his place,  he has put himself in a new tier among the rest of us. He thinks that no one is able to stop him, and who can really blame the guy? He hasnt had anyone that could more than once. He may lose the title, but you can bet your ass he has it back by the next pay per view. Its impressive. When your on top of the world, its easy to look down on the others and see that you're farther above them where you are at. However, you forget that there are a select few that can still climb back up to get to you. You underestimate those that are really hungry, those that have been pushed aside, that are more than ready to take the throne from someone that actually deserves it. From one man to another, I respect your work thus far here Syndicate. You have taken the WWX to a new level and have vengeance that few carry. You have a unique way with words not seen in some time. Your drive, ambition, power, aggression, shine through in every match you put on unmatched….until now. 

[Raynes face distinctly changes as he stares into the camera with a sharp gaze].

Rayne: For the longest time, this is the one thing that I have waited on. I have waited for another opportunity to get a shot at this belt and have been screwed at every turn that I have gotten. I BUSTED MY ASS to get where I am right now, and there isnt going to be anyone to take that away from me. Like you Syndicate, I have the meaning of vengeance, the meaning of revenge, the meaning of destruction in order to get what I want. I will STOP AT NO LENGTHS to get what is coming to me. The fact that the two of us are crossing paths in this match is one thing I have been waiting on, but I didnt expect it this soon. However, I am not going to let that distract me from the fact it is in front of me now. As of right now, I have no problems with you. I have respect for all that you have done and accomplished. But like every good reign in history, they all must come to an end. Yours will be no different. When we step into that ring on Ravage, it will be time for Rome to crumble once more. The age of the outlaw will be over, for more than one match this time. I will rise above the ashes to prove that my time here is nothing short of a legacy as I hold that belt high above my head. Gentlemen, when this match is over, you will be standing upon a new frontier. You will stand among the others in my wake, and say “Its the Rayne...and we felt it”. See you soon…

[Rayne turns his back to the camera and stares out into the distance as the scene fades to black].

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