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On Wed, Apr11, 2018 1:31pm America/Phoenix
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We see a compilation of hands reaching for their vibrating cell phones from all around the world.

A montage of all genders and ethnicities from all walks of life in human society.

An African American female rapper. An orthodox Jew. A Japanese K pop teen fan girl. A Muslim man.
A country cowboy. An elderly Native American Indian. A college kid sets down the bong and picks up the cell phone. All fingers swipe the notification button to activate the live video stream.


+ A global view of the World introduces our viewers to the live feed as we transition to see Dragonfly with his back turned to the camera +


Jarvis Valentine. WWX International Champion.

You know how sweet the taste of success can be. 

Now your proverbial plate is piling up thick and murmurs begin to be heard from the fans.

Some question and others imply that maybe you have bit off more than you can chew.

George St. Pierre once said "It's hard to be Champion, it's harder to stay Champion."

You have had roughly ten days now to see what it is like to be a champion.

Your... female friend.. Summer, is it?

She might even be enjoying these championship perks and benefits with you.

Perhaps this is why you have been a silent ghost, nowhere to be heard or seen.

Who knows?

You might be in isolation. Training and preparing for the new contender to your throne.

Tanno Waters. Hex Girl. Bob Mellon. Kurtis Ray. All competing to fight for your Championship.

Axel Van Roth will be your first of two matches at Armada before you step into the Elimination Chamber with Willie Steen. Twist. Damian Hendrix. Scott Grayse. Super Bacon and most importantly..


+ DragonFly smiles as his slimy black tongue slithers out the lips +


The smallest warrior that walks into this Elimination Chamber of pain could potentially walk out as your new Television Champion and WWX's biggest new threat. This very real possibility will soon become reality.

Be ready.

+ Feed ends abruptly +

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