Valentine's Day

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On Wed, Feb14, 2018 11:51pm America/Phoenix
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Valentine's Day


*The recognizable sight of black-and-white static floods the screen before dissolving, giving way to a shot of a decently-sized body of water.  Across the way, skyscrapers can be seen peeking above the blue, partly-cloudy horizon.  To the left, a small park, featuring a bounty of benches and lampposts, overlooks the bay.  In the middle, a small path rides alongside the water, giving passerby a great place to go for a quick jog or just admire the world around them.*


*Slowly, the camera pans to the left, where a certain Los Angeles Outlaw can be seen sitting on a small wooden bench facing the water.  Wearing black Aviator sunglasses, gray Aeropostale t-shirt, blue jeans, and black Nike sneakers, Syndicate has his arms stretched out on the back of the bench.  He holds a can of Coca-Cola in his right hand as he looks out across the bay at the city on the other side, deep in thought.*

Syndicate: Valentine's Day.  A day honoring the tradition of romantic love.  Back in high school, today would have been a huge deal for me - the co-captain of the Apter High School wrestling team was usually pretty popular, after all.

*Although a small smile had been present on his face before speaking, that smile has quickly faded away.*

Syndicate: Not anymore.  I've been single since 2008, when I ran away from home to come to LA.  At first, I was so focused on just keeping myself going that I didn't notice anything else happening around me.  Well, let me rephrase that - I noticed, but I didn't care enough to do anything.  Since then...nothing's bounced my way, I guess.  So every year, when February 14th rolls around...I kind of close myself off and let the world operate by itself for a solid twenty-four hours.  Since I was in Oakland, I decided to spend my day here: the McLaughlin Eastshore State Park here in the Bay Area.  It's a really beautiful place to sit and reflect on life for a bit...especially on a day such as today.

*He sighs.*

Syndicate: But enough with the pity party.  Let's get right down to the nitty-gritty for a moment and talk about someone that I definitely have no sort of love for, even on Valentine's Day: Kurtis Ray.  Our rivalry over the past year has been well-documented.  One year ago, at the very event that we'll be facing off at this Sunday, he beat me for the World Championship.  He caught me by surprise that night and he took advantage.  Since then...things have been a bit different.

Syndicate: You see, Kurtis Ray seems to have a problem with me, stretching all the way back to our first number of face-offs last year.  To be more specific, Kurtis has a problem with my very existence.  He hates that he has to keep facing me time after time.  Kurtis, do you know why you keep facing off against me?  Do you know why I keep getting involved in your life?  It's because I'm the glass ceiling for you.  No matter how high you go, I'll always be one step above you.  Don't you get that by now?  Don't you see?  If you want to believe that you're better than me, fine, but at the end of the day, you can't escape me.  You can't leave me behind because I'll always be in front of you.  That's the truth, and you know it.

*Syndicate calmly takes a sip of his soda.*

Syndicate: You've become so preoccupied with beating me into a pulp that you've forgotten what your true goal in all of this is.  You're like a bull in a china shop: you should be focusing on getting the hell out of the shop, but instead, you wanna break everything in sight.  Look back to last year, when you said five words that still live with me to this day: "Imma break your |BLEEP|ing neck."  In that moment, you PASSED UP a victory in order to try and dish out some more pain...and, as we all know, that decision cost you.

Syndicate: You know, I believe that's really what's been holding you back for your entire career.  It seems to me that you have this complex of sorts...some sort of yearning to be held in high esteem in this company.  You want people to take you seriously, and I can completely understand that; you haven't even been with the company for two years yet.  But do you know what REALLY gets people's attention, Kurtis?  Wins.  W's.  Actual markings that you've accomplished something here in the WWX.  You can look at titles, too, if you want - the observation is the same.  Consistently, you sacrifice accomplishments for the chance at that extra bit of respect that you would have probably gotten otherwise if you would have just won the damn match.

*Syndicate sighs, heavier than the last time he did so.*

Syndicate: I don't respect you, Kurtis, but you already knew that.  I don't respect you because of what I just explained: you're just a guy that, really, seems to still be looking to prove himself.  You're someone that says and does these outrageous things without actually providing any followup.  Like you yourself said, were so focused in on the hype that you drowned in it.  And now...when we face off for the umpteenth time this weekend...I'm gonna show you just how worthless that hype really is.  Darkness won't be there, Willie won't be there, nobody else but you and I are going to have any say in this match.  You really wanna face me one-on-one?  You really want to face your nemesis, the man you CANNOT and WILL NOT get past?  You wanna try and PROVE that you really are better than me?  Well...bring it on.  But I won't be focusing in on any of that outside stuff, no.  I'll be gunning for that W, and as you should know, Kurtis...I'm the best in the |BLEEP|ing world at WINNING.

*Smirking, he takes yet another sip of his Coke.*

Syndicate: And then there's the other two idiots still in the tournament.  Jake Devine and Jarvis Valentine, two men who...seemingly forgot this whole pay-per-view thing is happening this Sunday.  Weird.  You would think that by now, they would have posted a few videos or something on, but here we are.  Jarvis, let's have a little heart-to-heart for a moment here: you have no |BLEEP|in' idea what you're getting yourself into, do you?  If you manage to win against Jake, you're going to be standing smack dab in-between me and a main-event match at Armada for the World Championship, something that - let's not forget - I should be having this weekend instead of any other time down the line.

Syndicate: Jarvis, today may be your day...but Aftershock most certainly will not be.  You just don't belong here, man.  Right now, you've got Syndicate and Kurtis Ray, both former World champs, along with Jake Devine, an experienced veteran.  And then...there's you.  Jarvis Valentine.  Now, Kurtis Ray was pretty kind to you in his video...but I'm afraid that doesn't really apply to this one.  If we face off in the main event...I'm gonna come after you like a pack of wolves.  I will pick you apart, piece-by-piece, until there is nothing left but a corpse.  Even if you survive, you will never - EVER - be the same.  A determined, desperate Syndicate is something to be very, very afraid of, Jarvis...and if you haven't learned that yet, it's about time someone taught you.

*Noticing that more clouds are coming into the area, the Los Angeles Outlaw places his Aviators on his forehead, allowing his deep brown eyes to come into focus.*

Syndicate: Jake Devine knows that.  He knows just how powerful I can be in that ring.  And he, of all people, should know to just get the |BLEEP| out of my way at this point.  Jake has spent years perfecting his craft, trying to eliminate the gaudy, cocky persona of his and turn himself into a more focused, calculating wrestler.  I can respect that.  But...even then, even after all of his work...he still can't beat me.  In fact, he can't even hold a candle to what I've become since joining the WWX.  I'm a future Hall of Famer.  I'm a five-time World champ.  Jake, and likely never will be, either of those things.  And, if we face off this Sunday...he's gonna be reminded that, as long as I'm around, he'll never be able to accomplish anything of note.

*Smiling, Syndicate stands up from the park bench and walks closer to the camera.*

Syndicate: Kurtis, Jake, can say anything you want, but you all should know by now how this tale goes.  An opponent underestimates me or talks smack to my face, and I push them back down the  That championship match, boys...that belongs to ME, and I'm gonna make sure I get it by ANY means necessary.  Happy Valentine's Day...and welcome to the Syndicate.

*He chuckles as he begins walking away from the camera down the paved path.  Focusing back in on the water, the shot fades into static.*



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