Vengeance Begets Vegenance

Roleplay Roleplay by KRIMZON BLAZE
On Tue, Jun13, 2017 8:48pm America/Phoenix
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Vengeance Begets Vegenance

[The place where Kurtis Ray and Krimzon Blaze faced off 1 on 1 for the Final spot in the Crusade Cup, only for Kurtis to somehow pull out a victory over KB and KB has been very silent since Ravage...

Until now.]

[The scene opens in the City of Sin - Las Vegas Nevada, where KB is watching old matches from his earlier days in the WWX amongst other various matches in different promotions he has been involved in.]

KB: Nice to see that I'm still somewhat viable to the company...

Seriously WWX?

Double bookings?

What happened to giving men and women the shot they've earned?

Kurtis Ray gets a victory over me, loses in the Finals, AND loses the World Title Match against Syndicate...

Well, I guess there is some rejoicing to be had.

[KB lifts a drink, the contents of it look like its water, and takes a few swigs.]

KB: Sure I lost, but that comes with the territory of being a caliber talent like myself...

I've lost far more then I've won, but when those wins were game changing in the land of WWX...

They spoke volumes.

[KB looks directly into the camera.]

KB: Now... I see myself booked in a match at Mayhem against Cameron Westport in the "International Division" where the winner between He and I gets a championship match next week.

Now, I'm not one to complain or anything, but I feel as if I don't really necessarily belong in the International Division... Not saying that the division is bad or anything like that, no -- I'm much more used to the World Division where my name resonates with the millions of fans worldwide who pay their hard earned dollars to see Main Event Caliber talent like myself perform.

Cameron - This isn't anything against you either, but you might've been a former Television Champion here and all, which is great, but you need to understand something very clearly, I'm talking CRYSTAL CLEAR here...

I'm angry.

Angry at the injustice that is the WWX Board that allowed Kurtis Ray to have been double booked while talent like myself gets shoved down a peg or two, which to my knowledge, I don't let sit very well with me.

Our match that we have at Mayhem - You won't even know what to do with yourself when you face me, because I'm hell-bent on getting back into the World Title Picture even if it means going through the whole entire locker room - Tag Division, International, Television, and even the World Division to prove my point - You don't mess with a Legend.

You DON'T piss off the talent that gives their all for the fans.

You DON'T let people who haven't even been here long enough to know just how vengeful I can truly be when I have my focus squarely on something that means ALOT to me.

Kurtis got jack squat at Outrage - Good. I wanna be able to soak in the adulation and sheer misery he must be feeling knowing full well you didn't win the Cup or the World Title that same evening.

But I wanna make this crystal to the entire locker room, including you Cameron --

DO NOT mess with Krimzon Blaze.

I'm coming for you.

Be prepared Cameron cause come Mayhem, our match will signify the end of one man's career while the other goes on and wins the International Championship.

[KB leans in more toward the camera, his face only visible.]

KB: *Whispering* The Kode of Silence...

[KB pauses.]

KB: ....Has Chosen You!

[KB then backs off from the camera as the scene slowly fades to black.] 

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