Voodoo Priest

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Fri, Jun09, 2017 6:22pm America/Phoenix
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Voodoo Priest
[The camera comes to life inside the backroom of the voodoo shop. The room is filled with lit candles, bones, animal parts, and herbs. Darkness can be seen sitting on the floor in front of a table. Across from him sits the priest. The priest is dressed in all black. The priest's cane and hat sit beside him on the floor. Around the priest neck is a necklace made of bones from various animals.]

Darkness: This is not the typical magic I practice. 

Priest: La magie sombre et la magie vaudou sont à peu près les mêmes.

Darkness: I understand that both are about the same but I never thought I would be trying out voodoo magic. I guess anything goes in the Crusade Cup finals. I know what you're thinking Kurtis. Why do I need magic to beat. You see Kurtis anything can happen in the Crusade Cup match. I'm here preparing myself just for that since you have been known to use any means necessary to win your matches.

[The priest prepares a circular metal pan in the middle of the table.]

Darkness: Kurtis, this will not be some potion to render you powerless or to put you in a trance. This will not be a voodoo doll as most would think. So no broken legs or arms by twisting some dolls limbs. No Kurtis, this is a ritual based on me. This ritual will help me out. This ritual will give me the power I need to over come anything.

[The priest adds some herbs, animal parts, and some blood to the pan.]

Darkness: You see Kurtis this ritual will tap into the darkness that lies inside of me. It will enhance the dark power that lies within. The priest will use his voodoo powers to look deep inside me and pull out more of the darkness that I know I possess deep inside of me.

[The priest begins to stir the mixture with a chicken's foot.]

Darkness: So come Outrage Kurtis you can say that you know how to destroy darkness and for the most part you probably do. You wouldn't be where you're at if you didn't. But on the other side of that Kurtis is that I know how to counter act what most bring to the table to try and destroy me or else I would not have accomplished more than what most people have. I have won big matches in the past and this one will be no exception. So you can look past me and on to Syndicate but that will be one of the biggest mistakes you will make besides the mistake you made thinking you could beat me.

Priest: Je suis prêt à commencer.

Darkness: Then we shall begin. Prepare yourself Kurtis for the power of Darkness will engulf you at Outrage.

[The priest begins to stir in some powder into the mixture with the same chicken foot as before. The priest then lights the mixture on fire creating a big flame and some smoke. The priest begins chanting as the camera fades.]

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