Vulnerable (Reupload)

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On Wed, Aug08, 2018 4:51pm America/Phoenix
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Vulnerable (Reupload)
Note: The staff here at profusely apologizes for publishing Syndicate's most recent upload, "Vulnerable", under the "WWX" category on our site.  This should have been categorized under "Fury", and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused.




*Black-and-white static rips across the screen before fading away to the interior of the Rogers Centre, also known as the SkyDome, in Toronto.  It is nighttime here in Canada's largest city, but you wouldn't know it by looking at the CN Tower rising above the stadium, with bright red lights covering the sides of the structure.  Inside the stadium itself, where the camera is located, it is shrouded in complete darkness save for the small amount of illumination provided from CN Tower and the moon up above.  If it weren't for the roof of the Rogers Centre being retracted, it's safe to assume that there would be no light on the field at all.*


*A powerful sound resonates all the way from the upper balcony of the stadium, where a large spotlight has turned on and is now illuminating the pitcher's mound.  Now illuminated, we can see that a metal folding chair sits atop the dirt mound, facing the camera.*


*Soft footsteps can be heard emanating from the void, likely from someone walking on the field's AstroTurf playing surface.  Seconds later, black Nike sneakers - followed by ripped-up blue jeans and a black tank top - come into the light, with the owner quickly being recognized as Syndicate, the man who will challenge for the World Wrestling Championship here in Toronto at Fury.  He walks onto the mound with a Dasani water bottle in hand, taking a swig from the bottle before sitting down on the chair and placing the bottle next to his feet.  Brushing his hair back, Syndicate stares straight ahead into the camera.*

Syndicate: I have never been in a more vulnerable position.

*After taking a moment to clear his throat, he continues.*

Syndicate: I'm on a losing streak, unlike anything I've ever experienced.  I've managed to piss off one of the most powerful men in this company, and because of that, I've been on the receiving end of many, many ass-kickings from both him and his lackeys.  I lost the World Wrestling Championship, won it back, and then lost it again in less than half an hour.  Everyone else in that locker room is gunning for me, looking to be the one that finally puts Syndicate down for good.  And, unfortunately...there's no real way to put any of that in a positive light.  It's not a good situation, I'll admit.  In fact...I've even started doubting myself in a way that I've experienced only a few times before.

*The somber attitude of Syndicate becomes even clearer as he speaks further.*

Syndicate: Xander brought up a lot of good points in his past few videos.  Yes, I lost World Series, and realistically, I don't have anyone to blame for that but myself.  Yes, the last few times that I've promised a win, I've been rewarded with a loss.  I have let my fans down, I have let the people of Apter, Tennessee, down...but most of all, I have let myself down.  So then, the question has to be asked...why am I still here, challenging for the World title?  Why would Tommy Lipton, one of my most hated enemies, put me in a spot where I can win the championship for the eighth time?  I don't know the answer to those questions...but, to be honest, I don't really care.  Because I AM here, I AM challenging for the World title once again, and I plan on giving it my all - as I always do - in order to FINALLY walk away with a win.

*A small smile creeps onto Syndicate's face, the first sign of happiness in this particular video.*

Syndicate: I didn't want to make this personal, Xander.  I really, really didn't intend on letting that happen.  But you made it personal, and because of that, I have no choice but to fire back.  Xander...why do you think I am firmly entrenched in the main event scene?  Is it because I bitch, whine, and moan to whoever's in charge until they give me a high-profile match to shut me up?  No, that's not it at all.  I am here because I have WORKED to be here, and I'm sorry that I've had to say that a few times already, but it's clear that you're not understanding that simple fact.  Meanwhile, Duncan lets you waltz into World Series without a care in the world.  Yes, you won the match, but did you deserve to even be in that spot?  No.  No, you didn't.  Someone else in that "Wild Card" ring - Kurtis Ray would be a prime example - could and SHOULD have been in Ring 1, but instead...that spot was given, inexplicably, to you.  And, if that's not enough, you DARE to use the often-uttered quote, "the man makes the title."

*Syndicate sits at the edge of his seat, obviously steaming with rage.*

Syndicate: You treat that championship like a piece of trash.  You stomp on it, you let pigeons shit all over it, and worst of all, YOU are the one currently being allowed to carry it around.  Contrary to what you seem to believe, Xander, that is a CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE, and it |BLEEP|ing MEANS something around here to be World Wrestling Champion.  Did you forget that simple fact during your YEARS of time off, or are you just willingly throwing tradition, glory, and the championship itself off a cliff?  Man, I knew you were a disrespectful pile of horseshit, but this absolutely takes the cake.  And yet, you consider yourself THE World Champion?  That title would be better off being held by a kid in the audience because AT LEAST they would treat it with the respect that it deserves.

Syndicate: THAT'S why I want to win at Fury.  More than anything, I want you to lose that title.  It's not about making sure I win, Xander...that ship has sailed.  It's all about making sure that you lose.  And if I fail in that quest, I'll just keep coming back again and again and again, because I would rather embark on yet another losing streak than allow YOU to be World Champion for one more second.

*Staring at the camera intensely, Syndicate stands and takes a few steps forward, coming even closer to the lens.*

Syndicate: I don't care if Tommy gets involved...I don't care if he sends his henchman, Blade, to take me out.  I'm used to that by now.  I don't care if it takes two falls or three falls or seventy-eight falls because I will beat the everliving shit out of you until you're bleeding from the mouth.  I will throw you all over this stadium until there's nothing left to break.  I will make you scared to EVER bring your toxic attitude into this company ever again.  But most of all, I will win the match, take away the title that you don't deserve to hold and continue to make sure that the WWX is the top wrestling promotion in the world.  I am here because I CARE for the federation I work for and will defend it with my dying breath.  The World Championship belongs in the hands of someone that will put butts in seats...someone that will make it relevant again.  Because, like you yourself said, "the man makes the title."  And if that's true...then you really are a complete piece of shit, aren't you, Xander?

*His face veiled with a sick smile and his messy blonde hair, Syndicate slowly turns himself around, looking out at the multitude of seats here at the Rogers Centre.*

Syndicate: Tens of thousands of Canadian fans will pack this stadium...and they will all be paying to see the downfall of Xander Adams.  You are going to ruin this company...everyone can agree on that.  And it's my job to make sure that doesn't happen.  So tell me, Xander...are you going to take this match seriously?  Or are you going to take a nap instead?  Doesn't matter to me...I'll beat you all the same.  Because while I may be a vulnerable man...I'm also a man that will treat the World Championship with the respect it deserves.

*Bending down and grabbing his water bottle, Syndicate begins to walk off before turning back to the camera for a short moment.*

Syndicate: Maybe I am a cockroach, Xander...but at least I'll be able to walk out of Fury without a broken neck.

*As Syndicate disappears into the darkness, the camera pans upward towards the top of the CN Tower that overlooks Rogers Centre.  Static slowly eats away at the feed, causing the sound of Syndicate's footsteps to disappear into the white noise.*



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