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*The familiar sight of static flashes on-screen.  After a moment, it cedes to an image of the AT&T Center in downtown San Antonio, Texas.  It's daytime, but there is nobody around in the parking lot, where the camera is situated.  Large black birds can be circling overhead in the distance.*


???: Vultures.

*The camera pans to the left, where the familiar figure of Syndicate can be seen staring up at the birds.  Standing alone in the lot, he is dressed in a black WWX-branded hoodie, blue jeans, and black Nike sneakers.  The World Heavyweight Championship rests on his left shoulder as the champ's blonde hair flutters in the breeze.*

Syndicate: Apparently these guys took up roost in the San Antonio Zoo a few months ago.  Just kind of came in there and took over.  Didn't give a shit about what anyone thought, and nobody stopped them.  Kinda funny actually.

*He lets out a soft chuckle.*

Syndicate: But that's not how they usually behave.  No, vultures are known for waiting around for someone else to do all the dirty work before swooping in and picking up the scraps.  Scavengers, if you will.  They do essentially nothing, and all of a sudden, they get golden opportunities dropped into their lap.

*He glances over at the camera as he begins to walk towards the arena.*

Syndicate: Of course, if I had to give those birds some names...I would probably come up with Kurtis Ray and Rayne.  Why?  Well, I think about it like this: I put in all the work over the past year to raise the bar in professional wrestling.  I go out there, each and every night, as the HEADLINER, the MAIN EVENT, and put on a God damn show for the fans.  NOBODY works harder than me.  But apparently...hard work doesn't matter anymore.  Because now, after setting the standard for EXCELLENCE in this company with a legendary year and three world title reigns in the span of eleven months...these two bozos want to come in and steal my thunder.  Why?  Because they've "earned it".  Because I'm "too cocky" or "too entitled" to be the champion.

*Syndicate shakes his head as he adjusts the World title on his shoulder.*

Syndicate: I mean, look at Kurtis Ray.  The man comes out and says that he wants nothing more than to take away my "birthright".  BIRTHRIGHT???  Kurt, did you miss the part where I spent years toiling in the midcard because management didn't like me?  What about the countless times that I RIGHTFULLY EARNED opportunities, only to have them ripped away from me by guys who were JEALOUS of my success?  Or - most importantly - how I've stayed in the top spot for well over a year now because NOBODY can shove me off of it?  Does ANY of that count for anything anymore?  Does being the UNDISPUTED best in this industry mean ANYTHING to you or Rayne?  Or are you willfully avoiding the fact that I am better than you because you don't want to admit it, hmm?

Syndicate: Here's the funny thing, Kurtis, about your little "Hype Train": it doesn't mean shit.  You know it, I know it, the WWX Universe knows it.  Sure, it's hella marketable - I'm pretty sure we sell your t-shirts in the millions just because it's the "hip" thing right now in professional wrestling.  It's too bad that a catchphrase or a nickname won't get you anywhere in this business.  Now, I applaud you for getting off your ass since Outrage and rising back up the ranks.  That shows dedication for sure.  But you don't get to where I am by taking five-and-a-half months to get back up.  THAT'S why I'm "The Constant", Kurtis - because I don't fade away after taking an L like you do.

*A smile creeps on to the Outlaw's face as he comes closer to the AT&T Center.*

Syndicate: You are right about one thing, though - I will get into your head.  I will make you erupt in emotion as you try to tear me apart.  I'll go back and forth with you all |BLEEP|ing day, I'll be the cockiest mother|BLEEP|er in the world, and I'll break your mental barrier down.  I've done it with legends, and I'll sure as hell do it to you again.  But let's say you're stronger than you once were - a perfectly reasonable claim.  Let's say you're able to block out the white noise and the static and you're finally able to zero in on me, the man, Sydney |BLEEP|ing Irvine.  If that happens, Kurtis, I'll take you down the old-fashioned way - the No Signal, just like old times.  I don't need mind games to be champion because I am just plain BETTER than you and anyone else in this company.  My five World titles, my unprecedented year of success, my record against LEGENDS of this business, it all speaks towards what I can do to an opponent inside and outside the ring.

Syndicate: But you already knew all of that.  You and I know what each other can do.  We know we can - and will - tear each other apart.  But unfortunately for you...I...don'  I don't care what happens on Ravage because I KNOW what the result will be.  I'm not dismissing you or Rayne, Kurt; I'm throwing you under the |BLEEP|ing bus.  You don't know what it's like to be KING of this company, and you NEVER WILL as long as I'm around.  Sure, you may get glimpses of the gold.  You may get oh, so close with eternal glory.  But I'll ALWAYS be here to shove your outreached hand away.  If you want that top spot, Kurtis, you've gotta beat THE MAN, and I can say with absolute certainty that THE MAN ain't losing to a hyped-up |BLEEP|such as yourself.

*After walking a decent distance, Syndicate reaches the side of the AT&T Center.  Here, he leans against the arena's red brick siding and stares at the camera with a dead-serious look on his face.*

Syndicate: You know, before I told the cameraman to start filming, before I got on the ground here in San Antonio, I was planning on talking about Rayne's transparent attempt at mockery with his little video creation from this morning.  And I'm sure that's what he wants; any press is good press, after all, and he was clearly trying to get under my skin.  But the video was so foolish and naive that it isn't even worth discussion...just like its creator, if I'm being perfectly honest.

Syndicate: Rayne, you said that I haven't had any challenges thrown at me yet that I couldn't handle.  Right.  No, seriously - you're absolutely correct.  Kind of hard to have a difficult time beating people when you're the best professional wrestler on the planet.  Now, since all three of us are getting ASTONISHINGLY good at predicting what each other is going to say, I'm just going to fill in your response.  "Nah, Syndicate," you exclaim, "you can't say you're the best until you've faced the REAL hard worker, the REAL best in the world, and the NEXT World Champion - me!"

*Syndicate puts his hood up to keep his hair from blocking his face in the wind.  As he does this, he sighs.*

Syndicate: Oh, theoretical wrong you are.  Let's talk about hard work, because that seems to be the #1 topic of conversation for you recently.  I'll admit that you've been hitting the gym, improving yourself in order to achieve peak performance.  You're going all out for this title shot, and I respect the hell out of you for that.  BUT...if you're truly the "hardest worker in the business"...then where are your five World titles and future spot in the Hall of Fame, hmm?  Where are your ACHIEVEMENTS, Rayne?  If you've been spending all that time in the gym with nothing to show for it...then you're doing something wrong.

Syndicate: And then, you say that I'm not a great wrestler because I lost the World title a few times along the way.  At least I had those title reigns in the first place.  See, normal "champions" are made with a win here or there.  That would be you or Kurtis if - IF - either of you somehow manages to beat me at Ravage.  But LEGENDS...they're made with continued, sustained success.  They're made by being able to get up off the ground and take back what's rightfully theirs.  That's me, Rayne.  I'm the LEGEND in this story.  I AM "The Constant", I AM the "Measuring Stick", and no matter what you say or do, I AM, and will continue to be, CHAMPION.

Syndicate: You spend all this time coming at me with everything you've got...but just like everyone else that's faced me, it won't matter.  EVERYONE, from the new guys to the experienced veterans, comes at me with their entire arsenal.  But as champion, as THE learn to weather the storm.  You learn to survive.  You learn to dig deeper, to get that last bit of energy needed to finish your opponent off.  I have that, Rayne; I've ALWAYS had that.  I wouldn't be where I am today without that emergency gas tank.  And even if you take care of Kurtis Ray - just like you did last week - you've got something you've never faced before coming at you from the other side.  You've got one of the best to ever do it, the TRUE, UNDISPUTED World Heavyweight Champion, staring at you from the other side of the ring.  At that moment, hard work won't help you.  How many pounds you can deadlift won't do shit to help your chances.  No...when that bell rings and 224 pounds of PERFECTION comes running at you...there's nothing you can do but stand there, mouth agape, as you FALL at the knees of the Los Angeles Outlaw.  And when that static overloads your senses, when the No Signal brings you down one last'll be gone, Rayne.  Gone as THE MAN pins you to the ground.  Gone as he shoves HIS World title in your face.  Just...gone.

*Syndicate gets up off the wall and walks up close to the camera as it zooms in on his intense face.*

Syndicate: You're vultures, gentlemen.  You're trying to come in and take what I've earned, the beast that I've conquered.  But, at Ravage, you won't get that chance.  You will NEVER have that chance.  This championship, which sits FIRMLY on my shoulder, ain't moving just because scrubs such as you two say it will.  So come at me with your worst words.  Respond to this video with the worst insults and putdowns that your brains can come up with.  And then...step in the ring with me...and we'll see how things REALLY turn out. the Syndicate.

*The champ lets out another chuckle before walking past the camera and away from the arena.  The camera then pans upward to point the group of vultures circling overhead, and as it does, the feed turns back into static.*



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