Waiting on this week's winner

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Wed, Jan17, 2018 8:27pm America/Phoenix
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Waiting on this week's winner
(Mellon with the week off flew back to New York to spend time with his family. While back in New York Mellon was scheduled for another match on Wednesday night with a small federation in New York to help raise some money. As a cross-promotional event Mellon would be defending his International Title in a match against the National Wrestling Federation's top competitor, Cody Langdon. The two would meet toe to toe to raise money for St. Jude's cancer center in a hopes to help eradicate children's cancer. The event, taking place at Nassau Coliseum, on Long Island, is sold out. The event begins with an array of young talent, followed by a promo cut by Mellon on their big screen. When Mellon appears, the crowd goes crazy, as the hometown favorite is generally received very positively when fighting in New York)

Mellon: Last week I made it known to everyone in the WWX that Darkness and Syndicate would have to come together in order to take the beast down and even that wouldn't guarantee a win. Sure enough, I was able to battle through the double team and I am now one step closer to winning the Crusade Cup. Now I sit idly by while my next opponent will be decided in California, this weekend. Jake Divine and Willy Steen are my possible opponents. Should prove to be a hell of a match this weekend. I cannot wait to see which one of them comes out on top. Now, of course, one of them is the Television Champion. The other continues to want that very title. The Feud between those two is so thick that and runs so deep that they aren't even thinking about what waits for them on the other side. It's the real-deal-heel! Dangerous to just allow the tiger to wait in the bushes like that, just waiting for the right moment to pounce and here they are, completely unaware. Oh, to be young and stupid again. Actually, young and stupid doesn't sound that great. Knowledge is power and experience will go a long way. So I will sit back and watch the festivities as I await my opponent moving forward. Now on to Cody...

(The crowd pops as this has been a dream match for these fans in the making)

Mellon: My International Title is on the line in this cross-promotional match. Talk about the opportunity to make a career. Much like what my goal is in winning the crusade cup, if you come out of this match with the International Title then I think you're one step closer to real stardom instead of running around the NWF. You see, the big boys actually fight in the WWX. You're a big fish in a little pond here. When you are like me and you go toe to toe with Pendragon, Darkness, Syndicate, Hex Girl, and Jester, you develop the type of experience that makes you a true champion. Who have you fought? No really, tell me. I have no idea who fights here. So, let's get this over with. I have a train to catch back to Brooklyn and you're getting in my way. I'd much rather be focusing my time on Steen and Divine and my quest for the cup. Cody, you've made a big mistake. You've chosen to mess with the best... and when you do that... YOU DIE LIKE THE REST!! 

(The crowd pops as the match is up next! Fast forward to the finish of the match.)

(the crowd going wild)

Jake Chiesa: Langdon is fighting to his feet. Mellon, staggering back to his. This has been an all-out slugfest. Langdon looking to lock in his patented sleeper hold to finish Mellon off. 

Billy Korbey: Mellon, he's leaning on the ropes to hold himself up. He doesn't see Langdon coming up behind him. It's all over!!

(the crowd screaming louder and louder)


Billy Korbey: I can't believe it. The game is over... wait, what is Mellon doing?!? 

Jake Chiesa: Mellon, with a reversal, flips Langdon over and onto the mat. Langdon landed hard on his back. Cody, half the size of Mellon, was just tossed off like a rag doll. 

(The crowd is in shock)

Jake Chiesa: Mellon looks irate. A second wind, it looks like Mellon is setting up for the finish. He lifts Cody, who seems all but done, and locks him into a beast-breaker. 

Billy Korbey: That swinging neck-breaker is one of the most vicious looking neck-breakers I've ever seen.

Jake Chiesa: Mellon, off the ropes, hits a beast-drop. The match is over. The crowd to their feet. 1....2....3!!! He retains the title!!

Ring announcer: The winner and STILL WWX International Heavyweight Champion, Bob 'the Beast' Mellon!!

(the crowd goes crazy)

(Mellon signals for a mic and the music cuts)

Mellon: Steen and Divine. Power and smarts. That's how I win. Good luck this week because it only will get harder after that!

(Mellon drops the mic as Guerrilla Radio hits the PA system. The NWF/WWX logos come up on the screen as the show fades) 

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