Walk Through The Woods

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Tue, Oct31, 2017 12:08am America/Phoenix
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Walk Through The Woods
Filmed Monday the 30th of October. 

{{Having landed back in northern Ontario, Tommy Lipton wearing a coat, jeans and boots treks through the forrest.}}

Tommy: I am pleased to see that my interview with Chris Sanders was a success. We got a lot of hits on social media and YouTube. The WWX Network saw a spike in clicks and more specifically clicks on the Legendary Exclusive that was posted there. Over the past few days as well I have received much fan mail, tweets and more asking about my relationship with Rex McAllister as we head into Hall of Pain. As Rex pointed out, it wasn't very long ago that he was set to face off for the International Championship. He however has found himself heading for the greatest reward in this company... the match that will determine the Undisputed WWX Champion! Not just any match but a special House of Horrors match. 

{{Tommy ducks under a large branch and pushes through the bush.}}

Tommy: Things have changed and come Hall of Pain it will be me and my buddy, my brother from anotha mother, my former tag partner, Rex McAllister ... we will be up against eachother as well as Syndicate and Korath... And of course the Undisputed Champion himself, Darkness that will battle it out for the WWX Universe's entertainment and for us to determine the one and only king of WWX. Like last year, what was to be a one versus one has grown into a mega match where the champ now loses his championship advantage. Darkness does not need to be pinned to lose his title. That has got to not be sitting well with him. How about Korath? The man who won World Series for his one on one opportunity but now he finds himself sharing the ring with others which has extremely lowered his odds at winning. The so called Nordic Nightmare has now faced an actual nightmare of realization that his likelyhood of becoming champion has dropped heavily! 

{{Tommy wipes his face of a mixture of water dripping from the leaves from the rain earlier that day and sweat.}}

Tommy: I remember how Syndicate complained so much last year over how the one on one changed to include others in his main event... Syndicate now is the one taking a spot in another's earned contendership match. I didnt see him saying no boss that's not fair to Korath... Hah, No tears of course this year from the kid, which just once again shows all of us, when it is him being screwed he will cry, bitch and moan... if it's him getting yet another advantage he doesn't say shit! pathetic. 

{{Tommy stops to take a drink from his flask. He wipes his mouth with his sleeve.}}

Tommy: When will I stop calling him kid? That's what he wants to know on our way to the biggest pay per view of the year for the grandest prize in a match type like no other... but instead of being focused on that, he worries about me calling him a kid... Darkness spoke of fears, Syndicates fear is that he is worried he will never be "the man"  that he will never be respected. Perhaps I will stop calling him a kid if somehow he walks out of Hall of Pain The new Champion... Hah as if that is about to happen... kid, get real, you stand there making a fool of yourself.

{{Tommy shakes his head and laughs.}}

Tommy: For example, talking about why Rex didn't cash in his rematch clause earlier? And why you were never properly challenged.... You claim laziness?? ... I say otherwise. Syndicate you weren't the best champ in the WWX, you were however the best dodger. I many times spoke out to challenge you one on one for that title you so constantly held close to your chest, always afraid to lose it... Always finding a way to dodge my challenge. Would it have been any different if Rex challenged you? In fact I think at one point he did and you ignored it as well... Face it KID, challenges were thrown at you by the plenty but like a scared little boy you hid behind the BOD, the government of WWX hoping they wouldn't book you any real opponents. You weren't a man ready to defend against tough competition... you were just a boy. 

{{Tommy walks through a spider web and spazes for a second as he wipes his face of the sticky cobwebs.}}

Tommy: Ugh, I hate spiders... Where was I... Oh right, so that Syndicate is why you are still a kid in my books. 
And when hiding no longer was an option you lost to a legend scheduled to face you for your WWX title. Darkness a man who has many times faced me but has never beaten me beat you, 1...2...3.  Still after a legend took that title from you, you still come out here trash talking legends rather than showing them the respect they deserve... you still stand there talking big to your opposition... men learn from their mistakes.... kids never learn. 

{{Tommy takes another drink to quench his thirst.}}

Tommy: I have learned from my mistakes... I know not to underestimate you and your sneaky ways of pulling out the win Syndi. I know you aren't crap in the ring, I know you bring something to the table, even if that something can be arguably questioned... I also know regardless of the past, regardless of your victories, that you really aren't as good as you think you are, and at Hall of Pain... a lesson will be taught to you one more time. The House of Horrors will be the House of Truth for you when you finally face the truth that you are not the best man walking into this match... you can welcome me to the Syndicate and I accept... let's play! 

{{Tommy arrives to an opening in the woods. We are at the familiar barn he has set up as his residents for training.}} 

Tommy: Ahhh finally home! I didn't like leaving my training but I promised Chris Sanders an exclusive and I wanted to also swing by the Mercedes Benz stadium anyways to soak it all in and get hyped for this weeks big match. 

{{Tommy starts to walk up to the barn.}} 

Tommy: It has been many years since I had the pleasure of main eventing Hall of Pain. Darkness and I fought in my very last Hall of Pain match which he earlier spoke of. It was one hell of a brutal street fight that I hardly managed to escape victorious. Now Darkness claims history will not repeat itself that for once he will finally best me. But I say this, I sure ain't coming to lose. This is my big return to the grandest stage of them all.  Last year I was kept off the card... But this year I am back... We are in a new year, I am coming off of one of the greatest tag team runs in WWX history...  and for the first time in 7 or 8 years I will be in the main event on the grandest stage of them all!  Believe me when I say, I am hungry to win, I am ready for anything AND
I Am Coming! 


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