Warnings To Bacon?!

Roleplay Roleplay by SUPER BACON
On Wed, Mar14, 2018 12:12pm America/Phoenix
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Warnings To Bacon?!
(The camera is set in Bacon's office. The elevator can be heard coming up. Nearer... Nearer until it finally stops and dings. It doesn't open on the office. You hear footsteps above the office, you hear a electronic door open. Then you hear someone land on the floor above as well. Someone gets punched above you as well. There is a bang on the floor and then the elevator dings open on the top floor and travels down to the level you are on it opens and dings. Super Bacon is stood there holding a man on his back. The man on his back is wearing full black and a black mask. They walk in and Bacon puts the man on the floor. Bacon sits on a chair and grabs his phone. And calls his medicals in the building).

SB: Hi this os Super Bacon. Hi. Can you come and pick up this man. He attempted to steal the Flying Bacon! Ok. Thanks!

(He puts the phone down)

SB: Sorry I didnt see you there! Silly man he is! Trying to steal my Flying Bacom! You wanna know he reminds me of? Damian Hendrix! Hendrix is a silly man isnt he?! He thinks he can come into the ring and beat me?! He is even sending me Warnings?! Ahaha! He is Proud because he beat Adam Danger! Aha Ha.

(The elevator door opens and interrupts Bacon).

Paramedic: Sorry to interrupt Sir.

SB: Dont worry. Thanks for taking him! Wait I have a question for you.

Paramedic: Go ahead!

SB: Who do you think will win in my match at Ravage?

Paramedic: You of Course

SB: Why...

Paramedic: Because you are more experienced. You are better in the ring. You can perform difficult and impressive manoeuvres!

SB: True...True... Thanks anyway! Bye

Paramedic: Bye!

(The paramedic walks away and into the elevator).

SB: Now where was I .... Oh yes Hendrix... He beat Adam Danger... (Sarcastically) well done... Haha. Anyway enough about him... Time to talk about my upcoming Elimination Chamber match... Hendrix isnt in it yet is he!... Well even if you get in it you aren't gonna stop me from winning. No one is. Sobi thinning is my turn to warn YOU! Damian Hendrix... Watch out cos you never know when the hawk is gonna take a swift quick to the side of your head! 

(Bacon starts pacing around the room).

SB: You are an interesting man Damian... You have a unique style of wrestling. How many matches have you won so far... I'm interested... 

(Suddenly his phone rings and Bacon picks it up)

SB: Hello.... Oh Ok... Yes I will be right over... 

(He puts the phone down).

SB: Sorry. I have to go now... Hendrix... I will see you on Ravage... You can't beat me... You cant beat THE HAWK!

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