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*The sight and sound of static overloads the screen before slowly fading away into a shot from the inside of a large building.  Although the building's lights are off, it is clear that the room surrounding the camera is an especially large one.  No person can be heard or seen in the immediate vicinity, and it seems as if the room is completely barren altogether.*

???: Warriors.

*Immediately after the word rings out from the void, a spotlight shines down from above.  As it reaches the floor, the WWX wrestling ring - fully set up and ready to go - is revealed to be sitting in the center of the space.  In it, a familiar figure stands with his trademark confident smile, blood-red leather jacket, and bleach blonde hair.*

Syndicate: Men who have overcome great adversity to become brave, experienced, unstoppable fighters.

*Syndicate straightens the collar of his jacket as the camera comes closer.*

Syndicate: I stand here, alone, in the Oracle Arena - home to, of course, the Golden State Warriors of the NBA.  That team, led by Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, was once one of the worst organizations in professional basketball.  From 1994 to 2012, the team only made the playoffs once - in 2007 - while finishing no better than ninth in the Western Conference in any of the other years.  For eighteen years, the Warriors were god-awful...until, suddenly, they weren't.  The Dubs haven't missed the playoffs since 2012 and have won two titles, all while setting the record for best NBA regular season at 73-9 and winning two MVPs for Steph.  They have been, in a word...unstoppable.

*He smirks.*

Syndicate: And then...there's me.  Sydney Maxwell Irvine.  A man that, for the first few years of his career, couldn't catch a break.  Sydney watched and saw every single opportunity he'd ever earned ripped away from him.  He saw guys come back and get title shots after not being heard from for years, even decades.  He witnessed the entire WWX almost cease operations numerous times over.  And finally, after years of preparation and improving and strengthening, Sydney won the World Championship from Xander Adams...and never looked back.

Syndicate: Kurtis Ray can say anything he wants about my rise to the top.  He can say I always depend on others to do my dirty work.  He can say he's better than me in every possible way.  He can say that I can't and won't overcome him.  But you all know the truth.  In this company, the fans may fondly remember the guys that go out there and put on good match after good match.  They respect the men and women that pour their souls out for the craft of wrestling.  But do they go down in the history books?  Are they the ones that are mentioned in "greatest ever" conversations?  No.  Those guys, the "greatest ever"...they got there by WINNING when it mattered by ANY means necessary.  They got there by doing whatever it takes to win another title or add another point to their resume.  And yeah, they get the respect of the fans, too.

*As the camera approaches the ropes, Syndicate leans over them, looking down at the lens.*

Syndicate: Kurtis wants to bash me for coming up with "plans" to win matches instead of just letting things happen organically - in other words, he's insulting me for being smart.  He's insulting me for using my resources and grabbing that W, something that he likes to come up with all sorts of excuses for.  See, that's the thing about Kurtis Ray, and it's something that I've pointed out before: if someone complains about something, Kurtis will be right on their back, demeaning them for taking issue with the proceedings of a match.  If I would have bitched and moaned about Kurtis's constant interference in my matches over the past month, you would have heard NOTHING from him other than constant chuckling at my "misfortune".  But the moment - the MOMENT - something goes wrong for him...oh, boy, you better be strapped in, because the "Hate Train" will never stop.  I mean, the man is STILL pissing his pants over Holiday Hell, an event that happened quite a few weeks ago.  What a |BLEEP|in' joke.

Syndicate: But I digress.  Kurtis Ray is a man that may think of himself as the best in this company when, in reality, the "best" is the man that's been hanging out at the top for well over a year now.  And if I've gotta play the villain in this scenario like Kurtis mentioned...well, that's fine, because I know what's at the end of the line: a SIXTH World Heavyweight Championship, something that Kurtis can't and will NEVER be able to claim.

*The Los Angeles Outlaw sighs and shakes his head as he begins to pace around the ring, which is still bathed in the single spotlight.*

Syndicate: But at least Kurtis has won the big one in the past.  You know who hasn't?  The man that just remembered he existed, Jake Devine.  I may not like the man - as if you didn't already know - but I can respect him for not going full-on Kurtis Ray and bitching about the whole Big Time Agency breakup.  But is that change of attitude going to spell victory for "the Fallen"?  HA!  No.  I don't know if anyone actually noticed this, but he did put one little phrase into his latest video that really struck me.  As he was talking about - who else - Kurtis Ray, he mentioned that he has beaten Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton in the past...but not me.  Not Syndicate, not the Los Angeles Outlaw.  I've been the one man that Jake Devine has been unable to beat, and I'm afraid that trend is going to continue for at least another week.

Syndicate: Last summer, Jake Devine gave me his all as I defended my World Championship against him.  But even then, even as Jake gave 150% effort and brought out all the tricks in his bag...he still fell short.  He just wasn't good enough to beat the Los Angeles Outlaw.  Since then, many months have passed, and I'm sure Jake's not bluffing when he says he's improved dramatically.  But...will he be able to get past his demons and reach the promised land?  Well, let's consider this: while Jake has been honing his craft and making himself better...I've been doing the same and then some.  That's why I'm ALWAYS in a position to either be or challenge for the World title - because I am simply the best in the world right now, and nobody - including Jake f'n Devine - can match that.

*To settle himself down, Syndicate leans back in one of the ring's four corners, still watching the camera intently.*

Syndicate: And then there's the untested, unproven rookie, Jarvis Valentine.  Jarvis seems to be throwing in the towel already if you take into account his total radio silence over the past week, and really, who can blame him?  He's going to have to face off against Jake Devine first, and if he gets past him, I'll likely be sitting there to kick him in the face - although I suppose Kurtis Ray is also a small possibility.  That's three men who have either been or have been close to becoming World Champions.  Oh, and Jarvis Valentine.  You see?  The man's an afterthought in every conversation about the Crusade Cup, and for good reason.  Nobody takes him seriously, and if he wants to take that as his motivation, that's a perfectly reasonable thing to do.  Too bad it won't help his chances of winning.

Syndicate: In my early days with the WWX, I often overestimated just how much damage I could do to an opponent.  I went into matches with men like Korath, Fill, and Black Angel with my cocky-ass smile and defiant stare as I tried to make a real difference in this company.  But even then, it just wasn't enough, and it wasn't until years later that I figured out how to make myself a career.  It takes years to get to where you can beat anybody and everybody on the roster...and Jarvis Valentine just isn't there yet.  This Sunday, if our paths crossed...I'm gonna show him just why that's true.

*Syndicate glances upward at the Oracle Arena's scoreboard, which hangs directly above the ring.*

Syndicate: This arena has played host to some really memorable moments...and I'm about to add one more to the list.  No matter what Kurtis, Jake, or Jarvis have to say, they can't dispute that I'm one of the greatest to ever wrestle in this ring, and at Aftershock, NOTHING is going to stand in my way of becoming #1 Contender once again.  Welcome...to the Syndicate.

*The Outlaw smiles into the camera as he once again stands directly under the spotlight.*

Syndicate: Good night, Oakland.

*He reaches up with his right hand and snaps his fingers.  Immediately, the screen is covered from head-to-toe with static.*



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