Wasting A Chance

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Tue, May09, 2017 9:50pm America/Phoenix
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Wasting A Chance
Scene opens at a gymnasium inside the American Airlines Arena, where Rex McAllister is all decked out in workout gear, black muscle tshirt and black athletic shorts. Rex is currently utilizing the treadmill, the camera catching him as he is looking upward at one of the TV screens, but then he focuses his attention towards the camera, smiling, shaking his head as he readies to address his opposition.

Rex McAllister: I said it already, and perhaps these dopers heard me say it, but didn't quite get it. The past influences everything, but dictates...nothing. Just let that settle into your minds for a second. 

Rex stares back up at one of the television screens, and let's out a small chuckle before glancing back at the camera.

Rex McAllister: All you've managed to do is make the oddsmakers shell out more money to your side. All you've done is give onlookers, fans and peers alike, a reason to pay closer attention to Mayhem this week. They all want to see if THE REAL tag team can come together collectively just one more time, and pull off the unthinkable. That's all your little victory has done besides earn you a tag title matchup. 

Rex McAllister: But I suppose, you may be right in a sense. There are certain things that tend to happen to one's psyche when they lose. The ones with thin skin, and weak backbones that is. You see, we realize you were once champions here in the tag division. Not that the division was ever crawling with so many teams so willing to come after the tag gold you once wore, and yet with the couple that were, that proved to be just enough to overwhelm and eventually unend you during your last run. Just a couple, unlike now, where many teams are getting in line to face the champs. 

Rex McAllister: That's influence, the kind of influence a couple of the greatest competitors pound for pound has had, that this company has been blessed with over the years, with more ambition and drive to conquer than any amount of substance placed in your bongs. So when you too stoners do lose at Mayhem, and all of your assumptions and promises go up in smoke, it will be this tandem that reaps the rewards, only proving further more that our long standing at the top is what's best for the tag division, and the WWX as a whole.

Rex pauses, pondering for a moment before continuing. 

Rex McAllister: You didn't try and deny us our due, which is good. The truth is you can't deny that we legitimately have earned our due, so in place of the fact that you can't, you speak in rhetoric, adding nothing of any real value that means next to nothing to guys like us that have been to the dance more than once in this ring with some of the best this industry has to offer, and you expect that just like that history is supposed to repeat itself because 420 says so. We're keeping those belts warm? Very original guys, I mean, I was expecting more from our second set of challengers for these titles, than that of the bland rhetoric from The Empire, but I guess that was expecting too much, especially from you two. It doesn't work that way, and soon you'll find that nothing that you say or do will work for you this time around regardless of the type of effort you put forth this week. We've been on a mission the whole time, and unfortunately for you two, your presence serves of no real purpose accept playing fodder to our unyielding success going forward, count on it. Now that was...Rexcellent! 

Rex focuses his attention back on the television screen once again, and again has a nice chuckle as the scene begins to fade.


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