We Are Coming

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Mon, May22, 2017 10:52am America/Phoenix
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We Are Coming
The scene opens up and we are out front of AstroLab Studios downtown Toronto. A black BMW pulls into the parking lot with the windows down and the music loud, it finds a parking spot and pulls in. The driver side door opens and Tommy Lipton steps out of the ride. Tommy is wearing a Lacost collared stripe T and faded Guess jeans. He has on a pair of Vans skater shoes. The sun is shining bright so he alsois wearing blue framed sunglasses. He looks around and then smiles toward the camera, he goes back into the car and retrieves his WWX Tag Team championship belt. 

Tommy Lipton: Real champions... Well Syndicate is more a babied champ who's really had an easy ride at the top... Seriously how many times is Kurtis and he going to fight it out? It's become a bore. Where is all the damn competition?! OH, that is right! They are on Mayhem, they are busy being the WWX Tag Team Champions of the damn World!!! 

Tommy Lipton: The McAllister-Lipton tandem are doing what we promised we would do. We are running through the WWX, creating a strong interest in the Tag Team division and making it the must see title on TV... Last night we successfully defended these titles and to the disappointment of Bishop and Tom, we did what we said we would do. That was to make a statement, a statement heard loud and clear, and we are pumped to take on the next duo that wants to raise some fists to us and try and take our gold away from our waists. 

Tommy drapes the title over his shoulder. 

Tommy Lipton: So back to the matters on hand... I gotta thank Syndicate for deciding to read off my resume, yes I accomplished a lot here in my glory days. Thanks for reminding me and the WWX Universe incase, you know, they or I forgot...  8 World Championships... probably be a few more if I hadn't taken a back seat to run WWX for over a year put together. I've won the awards, I earned the nickname Mr. WWX ... I have done it all and the only two time Hall of Famer as well hah you forgot that... maybe you didn't... I sort of zoned out, you know like most of us do when you're on TV talking or wrestling. 

Tommy Lipton: You can discuss how you have bested me in the past, hey we all know how much you like to do that. Different times, different objectives... you discuss my betrayal? You are the one who turned on BTA... much to the way I made it all play out I may add. Maybe that's where all this hatered you have for me comes from. Or you just hate me... because you can... 

Tommy Lipton rolls his eyes. 

Tommy Lipton: Syndicates tag partner this week is none other than the WWX International Champion himself, Lu'An-

??: Tommy! 

Tommy turns and sees Adam at the front doors of the studio. 

Adam: Saw you from the window, come in, we got everything set up for the shoot. 

Tommy and Adam head inside and the scene transitions. Tommy is now in his wrestling attire standing in the middle of the ring and pro photographers are setting up their cameras for the shoot as Adam is directing the man who's in charge of lighting to properly set the shots. 

Adam: Everything is looking good. Let's get some water on Tommy and can we get some smoke setting in here! Tommy can we get the WWX camera crew out of here? I don't want it crowded bro.

Tommy Lipton: Sure, Let me just finish my thoughts and then we can do this. 

Adam: Okay great, I'll give you the room. Take a break guys! 

Tommy Lipton: Thanks. 

Tommy leans against the corner turnbuckle.

Adam: Be careful in there it's a prop...

Tommy Lipton: What?

The door closes and Tommy waves it off...

Tommy Lipton: So LX is going to team with Syndicate and those men are coming off a Mayhem win, probably largely due to the fact that Kurtis Ray took a stroll backstage and left Cam in a handicap match... Syndicate will try to convince the WWX Universe that either way he and LX would have won... I look at it as just one more bit of luck this guy has gotten in his career here in WWX... As for 
LX, he has been on a bit of a hot streak though, winning his matches, becoming a champion. Unfortunately things may not be looking so promising for LX this week on Ravage.... 

Tommy walks out from the corner and stands in the center of the ring. 

Tommy Lipton: It has created a huge buzz through out social media, Syndicate even brought it up when he spoke... Will the tag champions return to Ravage? Rex and I left to head to Mayhem because we couldn't stand Tanno running things to the ground... Ravage is the flag ship show... you know, it wasn't always that way. Fury at one point was the flag ship... I ran Ravage for a long time and eventually Ravage became the one and only show... So I hate to see Ravage ran poorly and I personally couldn't support that. Now let's deal with the elephant in the room shall we... Tanno... the former Ravage GM.... the man who had much to say about me on his way out. Firstly, special treatment was never asked for. I became number one contender for the World Championship and instead of getting my shot to once again be the face of the company... Tanno ignores facts and doesn't give me what i rightfully earned and was mine. Tanno knew I would dethrone Syndicate... Tanno should never have been put in as a general manager, he has no real in ring experience, he has no idea what it's like to be someone of value.... He was a no body as a wrestler and being the GM finally gave him that spotlight he would never have gotten any other way! In fact he's probably so happy that Tommy Lipton is even saying his name right Now! Tanno is garbage, he always has been and for calling me out, he proves he's more of an idiot than I ever imagined. But listen, he took the job and did try to do somethings right, he just wasn't capable of handling the responsibility that comes with being a GM. Putting aside his comments he had about me, he was there to do a job when others weren't available in order to see WWX keep moving forward... SO FOR that I thank him. Now Stanton is in charge and I do hope he does a great job SOOO with that said... this coming Ravage WILL see the return of the WWX Tag Team Champions!

Tommy raises his title and then walks back to the corner. He props up but ends up collapsing the ring and falling!!!

Tommy Lipton: What the!

Adam comes in and looks at Tommy who's on the ground laughing. Adam begins laughing too.

Adam: Bro this isn't a sterdy ring man! I said be careful! HA it's a prop for the purpose of today's photo shoot!

Still laughing Tommy gets up and picks up his title. 

Tommy Lipton: I did yell back What?! Nevermind, haha I wanted to sit on the turnbuckle! Wow embarrassing.

Adam: You should probably edit that out...Hah! 

Tommy Lipton: No way that was too funny! The fans will love it and I cannot wait for the gifs to surface! Syndicate and LX will probably try and make fun of me for it. Hey shit happens! 

Tommy refocused now on the camera... his smile fades... 

Tommy Lipton: Shit does happen and this week my opponents will realize that I'm not the only one who will fall. For me I can laugh it off... When Syndicate and LX fall, they won't be laughing...  They won't laugh because they will know in that very moment, times are changing and their days at the top are ticking away... 

Adam gets a crew to come re set up the ring... Tommy heads out of the large studio and makes his way to the lounging area. A woman walks up to him.

Woman: Tommy can I get you anything?

Tommy Lipton: No I am fine, thanks Liz. 

Tommy takes a seat on the couches and he puts his legs up on the table. 

TL: Syndicate really does think highly of himself, and since he was very quick to let his opinions be heard I felt I shouldn't keep little Syndi waiting for my reply. It is pretty obvious I was his main focus when he decided to address the WWX Universe in regards to our upcoming tag team match. 

Tommy Lipton: Syndicate can go on about how he's the REAL champion of the WWX, clearly that was a heavy theme, a major point he wanted us all to hear and know. Now, last I checked... The Tag Team Gold IS STILL a real championship here in WWX is it not? So I think Rex and I are REAL champions too... but have no doubt I know what Syndicates point was, he felt by us becoming exclusive to one show and refusing to be booked on Ravage to ahem... fight one another, that we are not REAL champions... Good way to start off the week there Syndicate... because you are aware that YOUR tag partner also left Ravage to become exclusive ONLY to mayhem are you not? Ummm... You are such an Assclown sometimes! So really, shouldn't you wonder if your own partner plans to show up this week?! Sometimes I worry if not all the lights are on upstairs when it comes to you.... Oh and don't be mistaken, I am not worried about you as an individual but only in regards to WWX's image. You are the World Champ, we don't want the champ to be an utter moron! 

Tommy Lipton: As for caring about the WWX... Again, dipshit, I have poured how many years of my life into this place... Even if it was a long time ago where I took the reigns over WWX to keep it going, to generate interest and scout for talent, I put in my time. I represented this Federation behind the scenes and on the stage itself as its Champion. 

Tommy calls for a close up on his face. He gives the camera a firm hard look... 

Tommy Lipton: Tanno was a disease... He had to go... So I took a stand... I walked, Rex walked and so did LX and a few others... I did that for the WWX... I did that for the WWX Universe! Don't be fooled. My heart is and always will beat for the WWX and the blood that flows through me will always be WWX exclusive! 

Tommy leans back and the camera zooms out from the close up.

Tommy Lipton: You can think you have had my number this whole time kid... But the days where I thought you could be the future of the WWX are gone and now you can go to sleep looking forward to kicking my ass all over again... I go to sleep knowing that soon your sweet dreams will turn into sweet nightmares and you will realize just who the hell I am and that resume you read out... you will understand why I accomplished all I did as when your ass gets laid out you will realize that Tommy Lipton is no washed up backstabber... That ... in fact, Tommy Lipton is one of the greatest in the game and my ability to work well with a partner will show you why the McAllister- Lipton tandem are the Tag Team Champions and why you and LX will face a reality check! If LX shows... for if he doesn't... if he decides to recall you turning your back on him and BTA... then it will be you Syndi all alone with two of the greatest WWX Champions that ever existed... What you did to Cam won't be anything like what we will do to you! 

Tommy Lipton: Syndicate, LX...  On Mayhem you faced two men that were anything but a team. This week you face a real team, and not just any team but the WWX Tag Team Champions... We are The McAllister-Lipton tandem! .... AND....
We Are Coming!


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