We Are...... Team...Discovery Channel.

Roleplay Roleplay by FOZZY OZBOURNE
On Thu, Dec21, 2017 8:47am America/Phoenix
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We Are...... Team...Discovery Channel.
The scene opens up to a shot of Fozzy Ozbourne standing behind a WWX Ravage banner. A mircophone in his hand wearing his entrance attire ready for action. The WWX Television Championship proudly wrapped around his slender waist, with a smirk on his face he begins.

FOZZY- (Singing) I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh no.

FOZZY- Kurtis you think you got me figured out already eh? Good for you keep that attitude going, that's the kind of attitude that gets you second place. But you can rest assure I take you very seriously and much like Rayne last week I'm going to beat another number one contender and state my case even more that I should be in the main event picture. Perhaps I should focus on what I have like this marvelous Television Title and after I beat you and lil Willie a new shiny belt to add on my sexy waist. Mr. Hype Train I suppose you're one of these guys that comes and goes as you please, swoop in for the opportunities when you see best. I really don't know a whole bunch about you except you've been world champion before so that's got to say something. But it seems like a lot of you guys have the come and go blues, when things don't go your way you kind of just fade away for a few months and pick your spots to come back. Let's take Willie Steen for example after I beat him and you and then beat him again at Holiday Hell he's going to whine and cry and say he's stuck in a rut and fade away into obscurity. Probably the same will happen to you when things don't go your way against Syndicate. Kurtis you're kind of a smug |BLEEP|and I kind of like it but if you want to write me off as some indie darling with a bad puppet name then it's only going to bite you in the ass. Kurtis can brag about his multiple world title reigns so what, I've been there and done that too and it's only a matter of time before it happens here.  

Fozzy unstraps the title and holds it up to the camera.

FOZZY- My rise is imminent it's already begun with this TV title. Tonight I ascend even further up the ladder of success when I save Krimson Blaze's career and this tag team division and him and I become the new WWX Tag Team Champions. We are on the same page and that... Kurtis is why you and lil Willie are going to lose. Hell? I even thought of an awesome tag team name for us if we win, let's call ourselves Team........ Discovery Channel. Yeah that sounds awesome. Haha. Kurtis you may not care about winning these tag titles but I do and if I got to throw Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem at you, whatever the hell that is? I will. I'll do whatever it takes to add more gold to this beautiful body of mine. You and lil Willie seem to be at each other's throat which is great, I love it, destroy yourselves. Kurtis, just so you know I heard Willie call you a soulless ginger and he berates you in the locker room behind your back. It's pretty funny to watch. 

Fozzy whips the title over his shoulder.

FOZZY- Lil Willie don't think for one second I've forgotten about you. In a few weeks you have a date with super stardom in the first of many "CHOOSE MY DEMISE" title defenses. I'm going to take your faded star and for one night only make it shine brighter than it ever has before. But that's Holiday Hell, tonight the formation of Team Discovery Channel trumps everything else. (Singing) Me and Krimson, Krimson and me the bestest of friends winning in harmony.

Fozzy laughs.

FOZZY- It was a rocky road from the start but here we are on the cusp of becoming tag team champions. There is something in the air, can you smell it? The smell of success a familiar odor that follows me wherever I go, trust me I know I just left myself open to insults about odor, I don't care fire away. But if you want some honesty let me tell you how I see my opponents. I look at Kurtis Ray and Willie Steen as the old guard of WWX, dinosaurs if you will on the brick of extinction. Then a guy like me comes along like a time travelling cyborg and wipes away clean these dinosaurs. A rebirth is happening beneath the surface but nobody is aware of it yet. Guys like this like to quote their collective histories at me like I care or something. Kurtis and Willie quote history while I'm too busy making history. I make history tonight on Ravage by being the only active double champion in WWX today. I assume every match as though I was fighting a world champion so resumes are meaningless to me. Please.... I beg of you two bring your best. Bring everything you can cause I have a hundred plans to success ready to deploy at any time during this match. I refuse to lose and I deny you two. I deny you two to make a mockery of this tag team division. Team Discovery Channel will be the rebirth of the division because I refuse to lose and if I do.. SO WHAT! I'll be back the next week even more fired up. You can't stop this wolverine just like you can't stop rock and roll and YOU CAN'T STOP FOZZY OZBOURNE!!

Fozzy walks away from the scene as the camera turns to see Fozzy throw his arms up and scream TEAM DISCOVERY CHANNEL! WOOOOO!!


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