We Keep Trying

Roleplay Roleplay by FILL
On Fri, Aug04, 2017 12:30pm America/Phoenix
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We Keep Trying
[ The segment takes place at a gym, where Fill is just getting finished with his sit-ups. He's all red and covered in sweat and catching his breath, while still lying down ]

Fill: Man, I've gotta tell you, it takes only so many matches to get your head bashed hard to figure out...

[ Fill starts panting, still catching his breath ]

Fill: ... this job is tiring. Even so, we all know what the price is when we sign up for this.

[ He slowly gets up and starts rubbing his head ]

Fill: These days everything has been going up and down, left and right, I practically have no idea what to expect. I come back after nearly two years of absence, I win the Television Championship, then I lost it, then I win the International Championship. Afterwards I get attacked by one of my best friends, only to end that rivalry because some Indian and his club buddies decide that I'm perfect for their club, but then grew to dislike me and take my title away because I didn't wanna join. That on the other hand was followed by a dramatic turn of events when they managed to injure my now ex - best friend, and me managing to win back that title, only to lose it back to them. And for the grand finale, every other friend I've had in the WWX came back to fend them off.

[ Fill walks over to the wash room and comes out with his face all wet ]

Fill: Sorry, working out while in pain can raise up the heat in here. Anyway, all of those events pushed me to new limits, which seem to be - fairly said, not enough. I thought that after all of this happened, maybe I wasn't meant to come back. I did what I could, winning two titles in a matter of two months is fine by me, but it's like I said before, winning a title is easy - defending it is hard. So, the moment I heard the referee count the three, I thought I would have to give up. 

[ He smiles and starts laughing, looking happy all of a sudden ]

Fill: That's what I thought, before I was visited by two figures that no one expected to ever see again, especially me. I had tried to contact both Jester and Korath many times without any success. When they revealed themselves to me, they gave me the strength to keep on going. The very fact that I lost the International Championship - it had no effect. I know I should feel saddened, depressed, all it took for me was to remember three words and every loss, every beating I've took felt like nothing anymore. Those three words were - When Worlds Collide. All that happened on the returning show Fury. On the second edition of Fury, I'll be facing Jake Devine for the second time. The only time we've been face to face was in a fatal four way, that none of us managed to win about a month ago. 

Fill: Jake, we have a lot in common. We came to the WWX from nothing, we became known names in the business, we've won titles. Last time on Fury we both entered matches and unfortunately ended up losing. What's important is, no matter how many opportunities we lose, we get back up and keep trying. I still don't know that much about you Jake, but with time I'll have all I need to know about you, enough to get a victory that is. With the newly found inspiration that I have, with all that anger Rayne opened up in me, and Blayde made it even worse, you're gonna be yet another test subject to the limits I can reach. Just hope that after all the damage you took after your match with Syndicate you're still allowed to compete. 

[ As Fill keeps laughing mid sentence, he stops and slightly frowns ]

Fill: Make sure you don't push me as much as Blayde, or else I might make sure you're not allowed to compete after our match.

[ Fade to black ]

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