We Meet Again (Despite What You Choose To Believe)

Roleplay Roleplay by EUAN MILTON
On Wed, Jul16, 2014 2:38pm America/Phoenix
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We Meet Again (Despite What You Choose To Believe)
[We open up backstage in the Clan McIver arena.  The camera spins around and focusses in on a locker room door with a sign reading "The Insurgence" on.  After a few seconds, Chris Sanders appears....]

Sanders: Hello wwX!  I'm Chris Sanders backstage at the Clan McIver arena outside the locker room of The Insurgence.  Now The Insurgence made a big impact on Fury, interfering in the match between Fill and the returning Krimzon Blaze - forcing the referee to call the match a draw.  I'm here to find out what that was all about. Let's go inside.....

[Sanders turns around and walks into through the locker room door.  When he gets inside we can see Euan Milton and Willie Steen inside.  Willie Steen is laying down on a sofa, hands behind his head and eyes closed.  Euan Milton is sitting in front of a large screen TV, watching a preview to the Open Championship golf which is just upon us.  As Sanders bursts into the room, Milton jumps out of his seat and faces the door, clearly in anticipation of an attack while Steen barely moves, only opening his eyes to look at who entered the room and closing them straight away as he realises its Chris Sanders.]

Milton: Chris Sanders?  I don't remember anyone inviting you?

Sanders: You're on wwX property Euan.  I'm the wwX's number one roving reporter.  I guess I don't need an appointment to do my job.

[Milton chuckles.]

Milton: You're the number one "roving reporter" around here?  Really?  I always thought you were the trainee.  The guy who makes the tea and only gets to do real work when there's no one else.  You know what I mean right?  You're the one who Gary Lane and Mike Hart send to buy their tartan paint?  Or their left handed screwdriver?

[Sanders starts looking a bit sheepish.]

Sanders: Erm, no Euan.  I really am one of the top guys around here.  That's why I'm here to talk to you guys.

[Milton stands looking surprised for a few seconds before starting to talk.]

Milton: Ok, I'll believe you.  Thousands others wouldn't but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.  Go ahead, do your thing.....interview me.....I'm waiting with baited breath.....

Sanders [clearly rattled]:  Erm.....ok then.....here we go......Euan, on this week's Fury we saw you and Willie interfere in the match between Fill and Krimzon Blaze.  What was The Insurgence trying to get out of that?

[Milton stands there in silence, looking gobsmacked.]

Milton: Are you serious?  Is that the best you've got?  You walk in here, uninvited, claiming to be the number one sports entertainment reporter in the universe and that's the best you've got?

Sanders: Erm.....the rumour is that the motivation behind the attack is......

[Milton starts yawning and then cuts in.]

Milton: Nope, still dull.

[Sanders starts looking around to the camera crew for support.]

Milton: Look Chris, this just isn't working.  So it is with a heavy heart that I have to ask you to leave.  But you know what, I still fancy giving an interview, I'm sure my many hordes of fans are wet with anticipation about what I've got to say.  So, leave you microphone here and we'll continue with the interview....without our number one roving reporter.

[Milton puts his hand out and Sanders gives him the microphone.  Milton then points to the exit and Sanders turns and leaves the locker room with head bowed.]

Milton [to the cameracrew]: So, do we have any volunteers to do this interview?


Milton: Come on, this is something that can go straight to the top of your resume - 'Interviewed The Insurgence'.

[More silence.]

Milton: Ok, looks like I'm going to have to choose someone.....

[He starts looking around at the cameracrew, looking for candidates.   After a few seconds, he seems to have spotted someone.]

Milton: How about you do the interview......

[He holds the microphone out to a petite, attractive, brunette, wearing a headset.  She looks a bit bemused as the camera focusses on her and initially doesn't take the microphone.]

Milton: Come on, don't be shy.  I don't bite....

[Eventually, she takes the microphone but still seems overrawed by the situation and stands in silence with microphone in hand for a seconds looking around the room for support.]

Milton: Let me help you.....

[He leans over a whispers something in her ear.  After that she seems a bit more relaxed.]

Interviewer: Euan, at Fury this week we saw yourself and Willie Steen show everyone that The Insurgence are still the biggest and best team in the wwX by taking Fill and Krimzon Blaze down in a seemingly unprovoked attack.  Can you tell me why you thought it was necessary to do what you did?

Milton: Great question, you're a natural!  However, do we really have to have a reason for kicking ass?  We're The Insurgence.  We do what we want.  And who better to beat down on than the 'returning hero' Krimzon Blaze and little old Fill?

Krimzon Blaze.  Everyone's favourite hero.  The man who has returned to 'save the wwX' and who is targeting the top gold.  Big words from a man who disappeared a few months back because he couldn't buy a win.  The man considered a wwX legend at rock bottom, searching his soul for the things that put him at the top of the tree.  You had to feel sorry for him really.  It was pretty painful to watch.  Even myself and Will were watching through our fingers.

[Milton then leans over and whispers something again to the stand in interviewer.]

Interviewer: But weren't The Insurgence directly responsible for the run Krimzon Blaze was on?

Milton: Another great question!  Yes, you're 100% correct.  Despite what Blaze will tell you, The Insurgence were the ones who started his dramatic decline.  Let me take you back to 13th August 2013 and Ravage.  The main event was yours truly against Krimzon Blaze.  Let me read the beautiful words of 'Power Fist' Keith McIntyre to explain what happened that night.....

[He pulls out a bit of paper from his back pocket and starts reading from it.]

"Finally, the match that almost was a million times before: Euan Milton and Krimzon Blaze, finally in the ring, one-on-one.  Oh my God, the electricity in the air was undeniable.

Milton came to a ring with a shirt that said, “Krimzon Blaze: Legend” on the front, and on the back said, “MY ASS!”  Milton grabbed a mic, entered the ring and told Blaze that since he likes side-stepping matches, they could get a replacement if he feels that he needs one.  At this point, Willie Steen walked on stage dressed as Buffalo Bill, Blaze's “alter ego”.  This drove Blaze over the edge, and he quickly charged at Milton as the bell rang.  The crowd went wild as the scene turned into a chaotic mass of attack.

It wasn't long before Milton stifled Blaze's attempts at aerial attacks.  Milton turned the engagement into a true mat wrestling match, and the harder Blaze fought, the more pressure was applied to his body.  Blaze was able to fight Milton off multiple times, but Milton kept getting the drop on him.

At about the 7 minute mark, Blaze started picking up more momentum and getting more aggressive offenses against Milton.  Blaze set Milton up for the KoS, but Milton quickly spun it into an Evenflow DDT.

Milton went for the pin.

And Milton won the match.

As the bell rang, every other member of The Insurgence slid into the ring and subdued Blaze.  The crowd's boos were deafening.  Milton called for a mic, got into Blaze's face and said the following:

“This is the end of your journey.  Here, in this very ring, will lay the career of Krimzon Blaze; laid to rest in pieces, for all eternity.  It's not everyday that I get to kill a Legend, and I'm going to savor every moment.  My only regret is that this didn't happen while you were champion.”

Once the word “champion” came out, Blaze tried to attack.  Milton quickly assaulted him with the mic, busting him open before hitting him with another Evenflow DDT.  They picked Blaze up and allowed Willie Steen to hit Blaze with the Cali Clash.  They picked Blaze up again and allowed Damian Price to hit him with the West Coast NeckWrecker.

The entire time, Scotty King stood in the corner, looking on somberly.  When they set Blaze up to be hit by King's Superkick, shouting for King to “end this prick once and for all”, King shook his head and left the arena.  The rest of The Insurgence looked on in disbelief before throwing Blaze out of the ring.  The medics rushed to Blaze as soon as he hit the ground, prompting Milton to mock them and say things like, “Go on, save the empty vessel!  Heal him so he can live his pathetic life in shame!”"

[Milton looks up, looking rather pleased with himself.]

Milton: So having heard that, you'll understand that when someone like Krimzon Blaze comes back, talking about going for titles and having the balls to deny that this match even happened, why we want to go and show that he's nothing but a washed up, embarrassing, has been living on stuff he did years ago.

[Milton's phone cell phone beeps so he picks it up and read what he's been sent.  He starts smiling.]

Milton: And it looks like I'm going to get to do it all again.  I can't wait.  And this time, I guarantee that Blaze won't be able to launch another 'comeback'.

Now, I think that we can call this interview to a close.

[All of the cameracrew start to leave the locker room but Milton gestures to the girl who ended up asking the questions.]

Milton: But you can stay, I need to give you some, erm, feedback as to how this interview went.

[Willie Steen finally opens his eyes and give Milton a smile while shaking his head. The scene soon fades to black.]

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