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Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Wed, Jun28, 2017 4:34pm America/Phoenix
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We still have a problem.
*Hex Girl is sitting on the steps of the ring her hand folded in font of her as the camera approaches.*

Kaliee you were doing so well. You came out of your shell, broke your silence and won against Sgt. Dixie Clements. They book you against me and you get another case of the cat got your tongue. The longer you remain silent Kaliee the harder I'm going to be on you. I told you once before you can't just be a pretty face. You need to find your voice, you need to speak no matter who your opponent is. So if you won't talk I'm just going to have to make you scream.

*The camera backs off from her and back up the ramp before cutting out.*

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