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On Tue, Oct31, 2017 8:30pm America/Phoenix
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(A security vehicle can be seen driving around a parking lot from above. It stops for a moment and a light shines up toward the camera, which suddenly turns to point over the roof of a building. After a moment, wheels can be heard rolling away, and a chuckle resonate from off screen. The camera jostles around, finally coming to rest at a skewed angle, pointing down at a  small catwalk and a man clad in black. He pulls up his balaclava, revealing the face of Kurtis Ray, who grins at the camera.)

KURTIS: What's up, Universe? Betcha didn't expect to hear from me tonight, but whatever. I was in my hotel room, looking out the window to see a wondrous thing; the billboard at the Mercedes-Benz stadium, where in a few more days Hall of Pain goes down. And Hall of Pain is going to be a defining night for a lot of guys on the roster. Some of you will be defined as winners, some losers. Some will grab their brass ring and others will chase. Some will maintain their definition as champions, some will be defined as champions. Some men will earn their moment, and for some it will continue to elude them.

(Kurtis reaches around into the dark, pulling out a duffel bag with several cans of what is unquestionably spraypaint, a plastic stencil, and a six pack. Kurtis pops a can out of the six pack, popping it open to take a drink as his gaze falls to the billboard.)

KURTIS: Some of you will let your success define you. Some of you will be destroyed by your failure. Some of you will bitch and moan and whine about how unfair it all is when you're not successful. Some of you might walk away and never come back. And you know, it's all pretty ridiculous in the end.

(Kurtis swigs from the can, setting it down before picking up the stencil and a can of paint, shaking it before starting to spray, carefully beginning on whatever his masterpiece is to be.)

KURTIS: Take me, for example. I'm in a match with a bunch of guys who don't think I have any business being in the race for the case. Bunch of guys saying things like I took my ball and split when I lost, that my failure is already in stone, that I'm not going to matter in the match because the only people that do are Rayne and Krimson Blaze. That I can take my train and shove it. Or whatever that three second blip from Jake Devine was supposed to be.

(Kurtis pauses for a moment, groping for his drink to take another sip before continuing with his painting.)

KURTIS: All those guys are defined by their achievements. By what they've earned here, by what they're going to do. By their demons. And I don't think any of those guys understand why that's a bad thing. Being motivated by success is all well and good, but success shouldn't define you. You should define success.

(Kurtis continues to paint, grinning to himself. He swipes a hand across his cheek, leaving a streak of purple, and he steps back for a moment to survey his work before switching cans, beginning to paint again.)

KURTIS: In the race for the case, the only thing I can say for certain is that the guys in the ring that are going to make this happen have mostly written the hype train off as a non issue. And then there's that whackadoo Super Bacon who I guess thinks he's Kick-Ass or something? It's funny. I mean I'm sure he's harmless, but someone should probably be supervising him to make sure he doesn;t hurt himself. Anyway. So there's a bunch of guys who think I'm not of note. Pendragon brushed me off. Rayne said I don't matter. Blaze says I can't succeed purely because he's there. Devine said nothing. Bacon says this is his big break, and I think that's the one opinion I can respect, because if he did manage to pull this out he'd have something to legitimately be proud of.

(Kurtis discards the second can and collects a third, continuing along with his painting.)

KURTIS: If my failure is already in the books, I'll write a different book. If this match is destined to come down to Rayne and Blaze settling their business, then screw destiny. The only person that defines my success or failure in the ring is me, and as long as I follow the hype you can be damn sure that the book of Kurtis Ray isn't going to end with me looking at lights. I'm going to be the one to leave Hall of Pain with the case. I'm going to be the one that earns a title shot. And you know why? Because I'm the Hype Train, and you either get on board or get the hell out of my way.

(Suddenly there is a flair of light, and Kurtis curses, tossing the spray can in his bag. A voice can be heard shouting from below, and Kurtis grabs his camera, which suddenly cuts off. Another scene is cut in, just as the first rays of morning light come in and from further away. The camera zooms in on the Hall of Pain billboard, over which Kurtis has spraypainted "#WeAreHype."

KURTIS (from offscreen): Choo choo, boys.

(The feed cuts off abruptly.)

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