Welcome to the real world, false hero.

Roleplay Roleplay by DR. DEATH
On Mon, Jun05, 2017 9:22am America/Phoenix
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Welcome to the real world, false hero.
[An old 1980s style TV is shown on the screen as a man sits on a couch, popcorn within his hands. Upon the TV, 1978's Superman by Richard Donner plays. The old, over the top, cringe-worthy graphics laying waste to the screen. The man on the couch chuckles at the embarrassment on the screen, chucking popcorn into his mouth before flicking the TV off and laughing to himself like a creep.]

"Oh dear. How can superheroes truly be looked up at and admired by all when the only thing they're notorious for is being lame, camp assholes? Take Superman for example, he sacrifices others for his own benefit. See, when he does a blatant double cross where poor Jimmy Olsen is institutionalized. We realize that Jimmy is threatening to give up his secret identity so Superman throws him in a mental hospital and solitary confinement! Superd*ck obviously doesn’t watch Netflix documentaries because if he did he would already know that solitary is the worst thing you can do for an already fragile young photojournalist’s mental health."

[He shoves some more popcorn into his mouth hastily, loving the salty taste of it. However, he soon notices that not only is the bucket empty. But there's no more popcorn as well. With this he begins to have a massive rage as though some sort of damned beast, chucking the TV remote straight into the TV screen and smashing it into a dozen odd tiny shards of glass. He's not done however. Instead he clambers to the side of him and picks up Dory, his barbed wire bat, which was sitting next to him the whole time. He glares at it seductively, admiring it's beauty before smashing the TV once more.]

"Superheroes are a bunch of lies created for the sole purpose of propaganda. So it's not really hard to understand why some stupid f*cking idiots would follow their course, why they would look up to them as people to aspire to become. But what needs to happen is they NEED to be put in THEIR place!"

[He smashes the TV even more as it crumples and breaks into a tiny box of mashed metal. Then he looks upon Dory, rubs his hand down it as though the most precious thing in the world.]

"That's why I'm here. To put a wanna-be superhero in THEIR place! Now this wanna-be goes by the name of "Super Bacon", claiming to be the hero WWX needs. I'll tell you this kid, the only thing you need is an appointment with the good f*cking doctor. You're messed up, this propaganda bullsh*t has f*cked up your brain and now I'm here to fix it as I Hell Stomp you all the way back into reality!"

[He laughs as though a man who knows no fear. Although of a small stature, his look is quite striking and menacing.]

"So tell me superhero, who will you have to save when finally the cliche ends and the "villain" wins? Because you see, I may not be the villain nor the hero that WWX wants, but I sure am the doctor that WWX needs."

[He smirks sadistically.]

"I'll see you Sunday, when it's time for your inevitable appointment with Death himself."

[Once more he swings the bat, but instead of hitting the TV. This time it hits the camera as static covers the screen and the laugh of Dr. Death rings throughout. Then darkness, only darkness.]

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