What A Night

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Fri, Feb09, 2018 11:24am America/Phoenix
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What A Night
February 4th... four hours after Ravage.

*The camara comes to life in the downtown streets of Los Angeles. He is headed back to the hotel to collect his stuff and head off to San Fransico for the next Ravage show. He makes it back to the hotel only staying long enough to grab his already packed bag. He heads down to the lobby desk and turns in his key card before heading out to his car.*

Darkness: Man, what a night.

*Darkness is hyped up after his win against Kurtis Ray.*

Darkness: What a night it was. Here I am off a victory against one of the so called premere talents in the WWX. Kurtis, you showed promise but that is all you showed. You lost to me and then tried to take out my partner during his match. Well, Kurtis, how did that work out for you? Not to well from what I remember. You cost Korath the match, oh who am I kidding, Sydicate had that match in the bag. But my poit is that somehow will be blamed for your mistake and Korath will probably try and take his revenge out on us. Well Korath and the entire roster for that matter, all I can say, is bring it on.

*Darkness makes it to his car. He opens up the front door and throws his bag into the passenger seat. He climbs in and starts the car up.*

Darkness: Well on to San Fran.

*Darkness shuts the door. He slowly pulls out of the hotel parking lot and quickly disappears down the road as the camera fades to black.*

February 4th... six hours later.

*Darkness car is seen pulling into the Mylo Hotel parking lot in San Francisco. The Cow Palace gain be seen in the background as it is only a few blocks from the hotel. He gets out of his car and makes his way to the hotel lobby desk. As he makes it to the desk he is greeted by the hotel receptionist.*

Receptionist: Good morning Sir. How may I help you?

*Darkness takes a quick glance at the receptionist's name tag and sees that his name is Kurtis.*

Darkness: Why, yes you can. Finally a Kurtis that is willing to help and not get in the way.

Kurtis: What do you mean Sir?

Darkness: Oh nothing. I just need a room for a few days. 

Kurtis: No problem Sir. I just need to see a valid ID and credit card.

*Darkness pulls out his ID and credit card and hands it to the receptionist. He notices a TV in the lounge area of the Hotel. On the TV is a commercial for the Ravage that is being held at the Cow Palace later in the week.*

Darkness: Fianlly, Ranger gets something right. Me and Syndicate get a shot at the Tag team championship against Kurtis Ray and Willie Steen. Don't worry guys me and Syndicate will take good care of the titles when we take them from you. 

Kurtis: Sir, here is your credit card and ID back. Also this is your key card. I have put you in room 323 on the third floor. The elevator is down the hall to the right.

*Darkness grabs the three cards and heads to the elevator.*

Darkness: Kurtis Ray, we meet again but this time under different circumstances. This time your title will be on the line but I don't expect the outcome to be any different than last night. You can say all you want Kurtis but I beat you cleanly in that ring. What happened afterwards, well, that was just what we like to call payback. Now, you may call what Syndicate did a cheap shot but just remember what goes around comes around. You take a cheap shot on us then we repay the favor. Just remember Kurtis, payback is a bitch and what better payback than to take that tag title from around your waist. 

*Darkness rides the elevator to the third floor and makes his way to his room.*

Darkness: Oh, Willie Steen, where have you been these past few weeks. The glorious television champion that doesn't appear on television. Something seems wrong with that if you ask me. Back when me and Ranger were fighting for that title you defended day in and day out. Now it's just a title you carry around and showcase whenever you feel like showing your face. It doesn't matter that's not the title I'm after anyways even though I could take it if I wanted to.

*Darkness makes it to his room. He slides the key card into the slot and turns the handle, opening the door in the process. He throws his bag down at the foot of the bed.*

Darkness: Although, I can't recall the last time you and Kurtis have defended the tag titles either . I guess it's been that long to. Now I remember, you haven't defended them not once since winning then back in December. So that is how ya'll have managed to hang on to them for so long. Well Kurtis and Willie your lick has just ran out because boys.... The Revelation is coming.

*Darkness plops down on the bed. He reaches over and turns off the lamp causing the room and the camera feed to go dark.*

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