What Are Your Interests?

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On Tue, Sep19, 2017 5:50pm America/Phoenix
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What Are Your Interests?
[ The camera follows a queue in the 3 Arena in Dublin. The queue separates in a few different directions, but one leads to Fill, who's signing autographs. He notices the camera, but continues signing shirts and pictures and so on. ]

Fill: Look at this, even in Ireland people are piling up to see what WWX has to offer. Who can blame them, when in a matter of days, nearly the whole roster will collide in four rings, and each winner will move onto a fifth one. What's in it for everyone ? Well each ring has a prize of its own, even if they don't qualify for the fifth ring, they can still win an opportunity at their respect ring's champ at the following Fury. What can I say... IT'S WORLD SERIES!

[ As Fill shouts those words out, the whole crowd of people chants out ]

Fill: I love it when they do that. As much as I know that every ring has its own charm, different people will want to see different superstars, our ring might not be the most anticipated, but it has something that will offer something... interesting. Three men that are on the same page, however all of us have our own interests in this fight. And speaking of interests...

[ Fill pauses to take a picture with one of the kids in the queue ]

Fill: ...it's hard to figure out what interests some of my opponents hold. For example, what interests does Blayde Archer have in this. He's the current International Champion, yet it appears that not only is that not enough, but he has shows absolutely... no interest whatsoever so far. The man that wanted to break me so much about a month ago, the man who behaved like he had it all, now he's acting like nothing more than a shadow. If there's one thing about shadows, they disappear in the dark. Little by little, all the power and glory that the Blade Club has had, it appears to rest only on Blayde. Judging by the way things are going, in a matter of two shows, the Blade Club will be dead. First show will be Worlds Series, where one of us will pin him, second one will be Fury where the one that pinned him will do it again and give a more honorable holder to the International title. I don't know if I will be the one to pin him, but I swear that I will be the one to finish him off for whoever wants him.

[ Fill is about to continue, but one of the kids asks him for a picture. They pose for it, but before Fill can carry on, the child looks at him sadly ]

Child: Are you mad at Bob Mellon too?

[ Fill smiles and chuckles a bit ]

Fill: Why would I be mad at him my boy. The only reason anyone can be mad at him is his silence.

[ Fill hugs the kid and looks back at the camera while dividing his attention to talking and signing more autographs ]

Fill: As I was saying, Bob Mellon's interests are an even bigger mystery. Does he miss the feeling of being in the spotlight, does he want to bring WWX back to what it used to be? No one knows. Unless he comes up with an argument, he'll end up being food for Korath. Judging by what Korath said, Mellon won't last long in the match and he might end up back where he came from, with nothing to show for his return. And speaking of Korath...

[ A big guy with a When Worlds Collide t-shirt steps forward and stares at Fill. The look on his face is a little confusing since he almost looks like he might attack Fill any moment. Fill just stares back, before the big guy mumbles ]

Guy: You know what happens...

[ The guy suddenly smiles and Fill explodes in laughter ]

Fill: You heard the man everyone, say it with me!


[ Fill signs his t-shirt and calms down from laughing so hard ]

Fill: That was fun, it really was. It really makes me wonder, is it going to be that fun in the ring? Both Korath and Jester have expressed their interests in winning, and I'm sure that it won't matter to them if we are on the same team or not, they both want a shot at the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship. Do I share their interest? This is the moment where I say the same thing I said a couple of days ago, that's a question better left for World Series. I'd like nothing more but to test all the training I've went through with the team, but all the questions that remain - will we survive as a team? Will we beat the living hell out of each other? Will one of us win, and will one of us eliminate Blayde Archer to in a shot at the International Championship? All of those questions will be answered - at Worlds Series. Now everyone join me in saying - Worlds Series competitors... Feel...

Crowd: ...THE STRESS!!!

[ Fade to black ]

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