What happened between Tommy and Darkness

On Wed, Oct25, 2017 12:49pm America/Phoenix
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What happened between Tommy and Darkness
Following the fury match Tommy v Steen----

Tommy throws Steen over the ropes and calls for a Mic... he walks around the ring a little as he listens to the fans chanting his name... 

TL: Tonight I secured another successful cornerstone on my road to glory.... 

Tommy scratches his chin

TL: The people have been heard and through social media you all have been wondering if I will challenge Darkness for the WWX World Championship ... And if I will challenge him at Hall of Pain... 

Tommy walks over to the ropes and hops up to sit on the turnbuckle for a moment.

TL: Tommy Lipton highlighting one more Hall of Pain... The answer is... 

Tommy looks around and then his eyes stop to stare at the Hall of Pain logo hanging from the ceiling above...

TL: Definetly!


"In the End" plays and Tommy goes to exit the ring... suddenly the music stops the lights dim and fog creeps up around the ring side area... the center of the ring starts to burn and the flames get higher and higher... the lights turn off in the arena and the glow of the flames burn out... a spot light targets the area the flames were and a dark figure stands with smoke glistening off the light around him... the lights turn back on and the figure removes his cloak... it's Darkness.... Tommy walks up to Darkness... 

TL: Yes my old brother we once again will- 

Without notice Darkness grabs Tommy and drops him with "Sudden Darkness a huge chokeslam! Darkness bends down and retrieves the microphone... 

Darkness: Challange accepted Mr. WWX! 



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