What Have You Learned?

Roleplay Roleplay by BEATRICE PENDRAGON
On Sat, Jul22, 2017 7:24pm America/Phoenix
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What Have You Learned?
Fresh off her hard-earned victory on Ravage, Beatrice is seen on plane, heading back to the states.

BEATRICE: That was an excellent challenge. A great way to test my skill against an opponent who was physically stronger than I. Now I'm traveling back to the states for my challenge, which is Kailee. Kailee, you and I have faced each other once before with me being victorious last time around. Do I think I can beat you again? Well, absolutely. Am I assuming that I'm going to beat you based on our last meeting? No, I'm not. 

A stewardess comes along and offers a bottle water, which Beatrice accepts. She takes the bottle water and takes a big gulp.

BEATRICE: Aaah. Nice ice cold water. Now Kailee, I am curious to know what you have learned from our last encounter. I don't want you slacking nor do I want you lacking in our match this time around. I want you at your best...at 150%. That way, should you lose, which more than likely will happen, I don't want any excuses saying that you either didn't see it coming or something like that. I want nothing but your best from you Kailee. 

PILOT ON PA SPEAKER: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, we will be landing in New York City in just a few minutes. If you will please return to your seats and make sure that your trays are in the upright and locked positions, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

BEATRICE: So I'll be in New York in a few minutes, en route to Mayhem. Kailee, I do hope you are ready for this Graceful Assassin. I have been on a roll since my return and I will not stop until a championship belt, regardless of which one it is, is once again around my waist. Hex Girl broke ground for the women in the WWX when she won the TV title. Though it was me who the first female to actually wrestle for the TV title, it was Hex Girl who actually became the first female TV champ and to that extend, I will tip my hat to. As far as you are concerned Ms. Kailee, prepare to be Sniped Out. The Graceful Assassin is coming for you...

Beatrice then digs in her pocket and pulls out her cell phone and a pair of earbuds. She puts them in her ear and loses herself in the music on her phone.

scene fades

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