What Lies Ahead...

Roleplay Roleplay by KRIMZON BLAZE
On Sat, Sep16, 2017 4:55am America/Phoenix
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What Lies Ahead...
[We take you back to the last edition of WWX Fury, where in the main event once again was Krimzon Blaze going up against Syndicate where if KB won, he'd be granted a title shot on the next edition of Fury, but as fate would have it, outside interference by Jake Devine caused KB to lose that chance, and now we fast forward...]

[The scene opens to KB sitting on his couch, replaying that exact same footage from earlier over and over on his Television as he finally just turns it off, visibly upset as he looks over at the camera recording.]

KB: What in the hell was that?!

I ask you...

Why is it that for some unknown reason to me, you decided to make your presence known Jake and cost me a title opportunity.

Is it because you lost that Three Stages of Hell Match against Syndicate?

Was this some sort of elaborate plan to screw me over?

Obviously it was because for some reason, I went from the number 1 contender to now being at the very bottom of the totem pole on account of you, Jake.

*KB's eyes and face are just blood red from the anger swelling up inside*

KB: What lies ahead for you Jake is the absolute worst a** kicking of your ENTIRE existence at World Series.

I'll be damned if I don't even make it to the Ladder Match, I'm out for blood, and seeing as though I have three others inside the World Ring with me...

Cameron Westport doesn't EVEN BELONG in it.

Willie Steen might be a former World Champion but he's lost his edge.

Which ultimately brings you to my mind Jake Divine...

*KB takes a quick drink of water*

KB: You think that just because you screwed me out of a potential World Title shot that your just gonna walk away scot-free from my grasp? Not happening.

When I told the world that I'm gunning for Syndicate and the Undisputed World Championship, I meant that.

Sure it's a remarkable feat that Syndicate has held it this long, but the problem that I have with him is that arrogance will cost him soon.

He may play it calm, cool, and collected but when it comes down to it, he's afraid of losing that championship.

Because without it, He'll just become another one in the long line of holding the Undisputed World Title.

I aim to get it off of Syndicate, it may not be another month, a year, hell, I don't know when but his days are indeed numbered and I'll be damned Jake that you steal my thunder heading into World Series.

This event has not been kind to me what so ever...

*KB scoffs*

KB: I've come into World Series as World Champion and ended up with nothing at the end of it, so it can happen to anyone and everyone that has ever stepped foot into World Series.

I've been hardcore - Didn't work.

Been an Aerial God - didn't work.

Been sneaky - failed horribly.

This event makes or breaks careers, and unfortunately for all of the competitors involved in each ring, from the Tag Team Division all the way to the International Division, you better pray and hope to God that I'm not involved in that Ladder Match because I've made Ladder Matches infamous here in WWX.

Ask Evil sPeD Eastin just what I did to him way back at Two Front War inside TLC-Inferno, a match so barbaric that it needed its own warning monologue just to warn viewers of how crazy that match was that night.


*KB sighs*

KB: You and I will indeed square off one on one again sometime in the future, I guarantee you that.

As far as World Series though is concerned...

*KB smiles evilly, his anger subsiding*

KB: Everyone is on notice.

Jake Divine woke up the demon inside of me, and I will invoke it on EVERY SINGLE PERSON involved in World Series.

What lies ahead for you...

You'll never be the same.


*KB laughs evilly*

[The scene slowly fades to black.]

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