What resides within. [WARNING] [VIEWER DISCRETION]

Roleplay Roleplay by DR. DEATH
On Thu, Jun01, 2017 2:30pm America/Phoenix
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What resides within. [WARNING] [VIEWER DISCRETION]
[The camera awakes to a dark hospital room, presumably a private clinic. The walls, white and stained in red splatters of blood. Dim lights haunt the two figures residing within the room. One is laying down upon a bed, however they seem to be strapped down, their mouths covered with duck tape. They are struggling, trying their best to wiggle out from their chains. However the other figure is preventing it, a barbed wire bat being forced onto their chest. The light swinging low above his head. He is not big in size for sure, but his small stature and use of a weapon is menacing. He laughs, looking down upon the figure trying his best to escape.]

"What resides within you? Your lungs? Your heart and your brain? Or what about a whole new entity. Some sort of soul. Yes, your organs may lay waste to the inside of your body. But what truly resides, Within? What makes you, you?"

[He runs his fingers down the face of the figure on the bed, touching their silky smooth skin. He rubs their cheeks now aswell, smiling like a freak. He begins to get excited as his fingers run closer to the man's eyes.]

"Is it the things you see through your very eyes. Or the nightmares that haunt your every sleep? Is it the genes you were supposedly born with? Or the gender in which you identify?

[He begins to touch the eyes gently now, laughing quietly at every touch. Then, he rapidly begins to poke them harder, laughing sadistically as he does so. The man squeals in pain, for he can not do anything in his defense. His eyes being obliterated and destroyed by the figure's small fingers.]

"I can tell you now, it's surely not the eyes that make you, you. It's something else, something MORE important. Some men are born with no eyes, but they seem to not function differently to everyone else. They are still the same person just like any of us, a human. You don't NEED your eyes. However, I want them for sure. They would look good within my collection"

[He stops poking now, the man is crying in absolute terror and pain. He can't see no more, he is blind. However the figure isn't done. He gets a spoon from a draw in the far side of the room. He walks back over to his "patient", laughing like a mad man. The man writhes in pain, screaming as the figure digs the spoons into his eyes. Gouging them out of their sockets. He is having so much fun as the man no longer has eyes to reside within. He holds the two balls in his hands and observes them as though his pets. Before placing them into a sealed plastic bag and locking it away in a different draw on the far side of the room.]

"I must say, what wonderful eyes you HAD. A man such as myself could kill for those, they'll look good residing within my cabinet along with the rest of your body. Now it's not the eyes that make you, you. So what can it possibly be? The nightmares that keep you awake all night? Tell me, what do you really fear the most? Dancing with the devil under the pale moonlight? Spiders that climb inside you, hatching eggs and eating you from the inside out? Death itself?

[The man is screaming, still in pain from the gouging of his eyes. Dr. Death nods as though having a conversation with them. This man has no remorse. He's a cold blooded killer. No one can stop him, no one dares to stop him.]

"But no, nightmares aren't the thing that makes you unique or special. So we can slap that one out of the equation."

[He slaps the figure in the face as hard as he can, a red hand mark printed widely on his face. he does it once more, however this time more harder and painful. The figure is literally screaming at the top of his lungs to stop the torture, but no matter what he can do nothing to save himself.]

"The sound of my hand slapping the nightmares out of you is so joyful and delightful, it's like music to my ears. But no matter what, the eyes and your nightmares are not the thing that resides within you. The thing that makes you special is only one thing. You want to know what it is? I'll tell you alright, it's your will to live. Are you willing to give it your all to survive? Are you willing to give it your everything to make sure that no matter what you do NOT die? Are you?"

[He picks up his barbed wire bat from the chest of the man now, swinging it around in his hands as though his toy. He rubs it with his hands as though in love.]

"Dory, my bat, is willing to give it her all to live. I'M willing to give it my all to live. But are you willing to give it your all when you are tied up. Unable to move. Stuck. Defenseless. Your eyeballs gouged out. Marks across your face. Are you willing to live now? You know what's scarier than death itself? The feeling of knowing your alive, yet trapped and useless with death around the corner."

[He kisses "Dory" ever so softly on the barbed wire.]

"But unlucky for you death isn't around the corner, it stands right in front of you. For I am the last man you'll ever see, I am death itself..."

[He smiles.]

"...I am Dr. Death."

[He smacks the bat around the skull of the figure, then proceeding to smash the body. The camera pans up to the ceiling to avoid the gruesomeness, however it doesn't stop the white ceiling and the camera from being covered in heap loads of blood. The screaming dies out as the figure himself dies alongside it. You hear in the background Dr. Death laughing... A cold, calculated laugh... Then the camera is tilted down to face the Doctor as he now resides in full view. He's smiling, covered in blood.]

"WWX... Your doctor has arrived, and your appointment is just around the corner."

[He smacks the camera with Dory, leaving us in total darkness.]

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