What Respect

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Sat, Sep23, 2017 9:45pm America/Phoenix
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What Respect
"Respect... What is respect?" Darkness ask himself. "Why does everybody want respect. I'm not here to give respect. I'm here to win matches, win championships, and move to the top. You want respect Syndicate then ask your fans or even your friends."

[A small candle flame flares up in a small room located inside the 3 Arena. The candle sits in the center of a table and behind that table sits a grey steel folding chair. In that chair sits Darkness.]

"Maybe I should give you some respect. I mean you are the Undisputed World Heavyweight champion. What the hell am I thinking." Darkness says with a smirk on his face. "You think I walk around asking everybody for respect Syndicate... No! I go out and take care of business and could careless if anybody respects me. Wishing for respect is for the weak."

[The candle light flickers slightly from the breathing of Darkness.]

"I don't really expect anything from you Syndicate. I don't expect respect and I don't expect you to hand that title over to me. Hell Syndicate  I don't even expect it to be a easy match. I'm looking for it to be one hell of a slobber knocker. Hell you can even say it is going to be a knock down drag out fight where one or both of us probably won't walk out of that ring under our own power. But you better believe that while somebody may be helping me out of the ring and back to the back the championship will be draped over my shoulder." Darkness says with confidence in his voice. 

[The candle continues to flicker as it cast interesting shadows throughout the room.]

"Finally we agree on something Syndicate. Out of this whole banter back and forth all week we finally agree that somebody must finish in second place and what the hell it might as well be you." Darkness says pointing his finger at the camera. "You've done nothing and I've done nothing according to which one of us the person ask. All you have done is win matches to get a shot at the championship that you finally won. All I've done is do the same to get a shot at your Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship and finally become the top man on the totem pole once again."

[Darkness moves the candle so that his face is more illuminated.]

"Everybody comes into the WWX comes in as a rookie and thinks they are the best in the world. Thinks they should have respect and thinks they are the best in the world. It took me a few months before winning my first title. Until that moment I thought I was the best but in all honesty I was just a cocky rookie like you when you got started." Darkness points out. "Yes that championship says that you're the best at you do right now but what you have to realize Syndicate there is always somebody smarter and better than you are. World Series, I will prove that."

[Darkness leans in and blows out the candle causing the room to go completely dark.]

"I will call you cocky. I will underestimate you. Until you beat me at World Series you will be second place in my book. Come World Series I will cast you aside like everybody else has. Failure is an option for you Syndicate because as I've been saying all week long... What Respect?" Darkness asks the question.

[A WWX logo flashes across the screen before going black again ending transmission.]

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