What They Want

Roleplay Roleplay by KURTIS RAY
On Tue, May30, 2017 9:54pm America/Phoenix
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What They Want
(A limousine rolls into the parking lot at a WWX house show, and a camerman moves in on the door. After a moment the door pops open and, one after another, a half-dozen very attractive women emerge. They all blow kisses or wave at the camera, excited at the attention, but it is a moment later when Kurtis Ray emerges from the limo in a nice suit, clean shaven and with a new haircut.)

KURTIS: Keep the limo warm, ladies. I won't be long.

(The girls file back into the limo and Kurtis gestures for the cameraman to follow him. He makes his way down a short corridor, stepping through a curtain marked "floor" and emerging into a crowd of people with no fanfare. He makes his way through the crowd, people clamoring to touch him or beg for a fist bump, but he pointedly ignores them all until he reaches ringside. He vaults over the barricade and snatches a microphone from the ring announcer. He taps on it, shouting something inaudible before he taps on it again, this time earning an audible thump for his trouble.)

KURTIS: Bet you didn't expect me to be here tonight. I know the guys upstairs didn't expect me to be here tonight. In fact, I'll be honest, I didn't expect to be here tonight. But I caught a replay of Krimson Blaze's press conference earlier today, and it left me with this inescapable conclusion that I needed to crash this show tonight and tell you all what I thought. 

(There is a somewhat mixed reaction from the crowd and Kurtis looks bemused.)

KURTIS: Look at them, Krimson. Night after night, you put out a part of yourself for the braying idiots in the crowd, and they eat it up. Good or bad, they don't care. Long as they like you, and I can speak to this first hand, long as they like you you feel indestructible, right? You feel like nothing can stop you. But you know what, man? Eventually they turn on you. They cheer less. Stop buying merchandise. Gradually you lose them, and you know why? It's because they don't care about you.

(Kurtis starts to pace in the ring, shaking his head.)

KURTIS: I saw your return. I watched your press conference. And for real, honestly, the amount of time you spent mugging for the fans disgusts me. They're on your side now, sure, but that only lasts until the new flavor of the month comes along, or until you smarten up like me and you put a beating on whatever blithering idiot the WWX fans have decided to toss their banner behind.

(The crowd boos, and Kurtis waves them off, shouting "No!" The crowd continues to boo and Kurtis looks like he's getting angrier and angrier. Finally he laughs, but it's a cold and rather humorless sound.)

KURTIS: Listing to these howling dopes boo me. Need I remind you that I'm in a match to win something that should be my right, since it was me Syndicate took the title from. But there's no mention of that, is there? A convenient fact forgotten. Let's ignore the fact we owe the former champ a rematch so we can have a tournament and bring back a has-been so we can milk the screaming masses for whatever money we can get out of 'em. Great choice, brass. For real, you go ahead and earn that extra zero on your paycheck. They don't even realize what you're doing.

(Kurtis stops, taking in a deep breath and holding it before letting it go.)

KURTIS: I got a little off track. Krimson, buddy, my point here is as bad as you think you are, you're not prepared for me. You think you can roll in here, spout a few catch phrases, and that'll be enough to beat me? There's no question that you have achieved a lot in the WWX. But there has never been someone in the WWX exactly like Kurtis Ray. You walk into this match expecting a cake walk and I guarantee that regardless of what management or the fans think, I'll make sure you don't walk out of the arena on Friday night. You'll try. You'll struggle. But it just won't be enough. You're an example of everything that is wrong with our industry today. Come Ravage, I'll deliver a solution.

(Kurtis starts laughing again, and it's a little more genuine this time.)

KURTIS: Now's the time when people expect me to say it ain't personal, but that's not true. I will take a particular pleasure in beating you to a bloody pulp, and I will be the one to move on and raise the Crusade Cup. You may be the first legitimate challenge I've faced in some time; it'll be my privilege to stop your comeback in it's tracks. I hope you got your boarding pass, buddy, because the Hype Train doesn't take kindly to stowaways.

(Kurtis' music starts to play, and the former champion poses in the ring for a moment before tossing the mic off into the audience. He rolls out of the ring, disappearing into the crowd as boos ring through the arena.)

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