What To Do Now?

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On Mon, Jun26, 2017 3:06pm America/Phoenix
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What To Do Now?
[ Fill is standing at a balcony and staring at the environment around him - the light blue sky, the passing people. The disappointment on his face says enough about his mood, and the scars on his body after his last match are still visible ]

Fill: Sometimes I wonder...

[ He turns his head to the side as he continues to look at the people on the street ]

Fill: How is it that all you've worked for can disappear in a mere second. One day you're having the time of your life with friends, friends who follow your every step and become some of the best people in your life. You close your eyes, and once you open them, one of those friends stabs you in the back. 

[ He raises his head up and looks at the sky again ]

Fill: You build a career and reach one of its top positions, one of its top workers - a champion. You take a step forward, next thing you know you're pushed two steps back. That doesn't mean you're done with what you've worked to accomplish, but it opens that part of yours that you never want to open - weakness.

[ He turns around and leans back on the railing, as he looks at the camera ]

Fill: Less than a week ago, I was in an elimination falls count anywhere match, which began with me holding the International Championship. I hardly had any memory of what went on during that match, but one thing I noticed once I woke up on a hospital bed, was that the International title belt wasn't with me. That said enough, right? I asked the doctors what had happened and they explained that I had been smashed through the window of a car. When they told me who had done it, memories slowly started coming back, and as much as it pains me to say it, I wasn't too surprised.

[ He looks down for a moment and faintly smiles ]

Fill: I was pretty disappointed when I heard the final result though. Rayne couldn't finish the job right, he made sure I lost the title, but he didn't win it himself, unless he counts co-ownership of the title as a win. After all that I'm obviously not too proud of myself, however Rayne and Blayde Archer managed to do more than take the International title away from me. Together they took everything away from me, they nearly destroyed everything I had fought for, but...

[ The smile on his face now becomes much wider ]

Fill: ...now I've got nothing left to lose. I have much to say to both of them, but this isn't the right time to talk about it. The only thing I can say for now is that what I have to say to Blayde Archer, I will tell it to his face at Mayhem. Now let's move onto what you came here for. The time for licking wounds is up, I have an opponent to face at Mayhem, and that opponent is Dr.Death. Doctor, and Death, two words that never mean anything good. Use them as a name, you know that's someone who's up to no good, ain't that right Doc? So far you've been in how many...two matches in the WWX? Not bad, you did well for yourself to show what you can do, although it's not enough yet. In your third match, you get to face a former multi champion, a very...VERY... pissed off former champion. I'll have to remind everyone, including the International co-champions that I'm not through with them yet, unfortunately the first one I have to face after everything that happened is you. I can applaud you for one thing though, you're preparing for war with the Blayde Club. You remind me of the days Rayne, Korath and I had seen enough bull from The Insurgence. I can't say good, nor can I say bad about them just yet, as that's exactly what I want to talk to Blayde Archer about this Sunday. You see Doc, I've been invited to join them and I'm having trouble deciding whether I should say yes, or no. So that brings me to another reason why I'm glad to face you. To test if you're ready to bring them down, you have to go through me first. What happens between you and them later on, that will be your own problem... unless I decide to join them. So Dr.Death, let's see what you have to say about that.

[ As Fill smiles at the camera, the segment fades to black ] 

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