What's With All The Crickets

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Thu, Jun08, 2017 8:54pm America/Phoenix
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What's With All The Crickets
*Hex Girl is at the New Orleans Superdome in the Outrage ring. She's pacing around like a predatory cat she has an aggravated look on her face. She spots the camera but doesn't arrest her movement, she just starts talking.*

The last two opponents I've been booked against might as well have been mutes because neither of them said a damn word before the match. 

*She starts gesturing likes she's talking to someone in front of her.*  But here I am booked against Willie 'goddamn' Steen for the Television Championship and I'm still hearing |BLEEP|ing crickets. 

*She stops and looks directly at the camera*

Last time we face each other you complained about having to face a woman, but you managed to cowboy up and actually perform. You even knocked my cat ears off. SO what's the issue now? Huh? I swear if you don't speak up before we meet in this ring I'm gonna win via submission and you will scream "I quit" so loud they'll hear you in the nosebleeds without a mic. 

*She points to the uppermost balcony seats*

I hope I'm making myself abundantly clear Willie. NO MORE CRICKETS. You talk or I make you scream.

*She gets right up close to the camera*

Fiat voluntas mea.

[Cuts to Hex Girl's Logo and fades to the WWX Logo]

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