When Darkness Falls

Roleplay Roleplay by KORATH
On Mon, Feb12, 2018 2:29pm America/Phoenix
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When Darkness Falls
*Scene opens in a clearing of oak in the early evening. Around the area we see several cut logs stacked and tools of various types and uses are lying ready. While the cameras are focused on the this, we hear the sounds of digging off to the side. As the camera moves we see the mighty Korath hard at work at the base of a stump, hatchet in one hand and a small mattock in the other. He is busy loosening the roots and doesn't seem to notice the crew has arrived until they try to draw closer.

"Give me a moment would you?"

The camera stops and Korath tosses the hand tools to the side. He puts both hands under the base of the  stump and gets into a more comfortable position before heaving with all his might. For a moment it seems like nothing is going to happen, but then suddenly a loud pop is heard and the stump is lifted out of the ground from the force and lands behind Korath. He pulls himself back upright and takes a moment before climbing back to his feet, brushing some of the dirt from the jeans he's wearing. His upper body is bare but streaked with dirt and sweat, his veins throbbing over his heavily defined muscles. He gives his head a great shake, sending droplets of sweat and dirt particles flying before tying his hair back with a strip of leather. He looks around and seems to be happy with the results. He approaches the camera then, a slight smile on his face.

"Twill be my new home when I am finished, I figured it was about time to rebuild the longhouse. Before I begin with my opponent for Aftershock I suppose some congratulations are in order."

"Syndicate, though I am angry over the circumstances of my loss to you I must commend you. You have grown into a fine young warrior and I will harry you no longer. You have given me reason to renew my efforts to train harder, to start again and show the world that I still deserve to be in the spotlight. When you and I eventually face each other again we will have that fair and square match you so claimed you wanted, and we will leave the crowds with memories of a match that will never be forgotten."

Korath walks over to a pile of stakes and picks up an armful. He motions with his head for the camera to follow him as he walks a path around the clearing, dropping a stake at intervals. The smile is gone from his face and has been replaced by a more serious expression.

"Before that can happen I must focus on Aftershock and who stands before me, the man that is your partner and one of the two that interfered with our match, Darkness. Darkness I understand that by causing interference you were simply acting like a good partner would. However you have been here and around me long enough to know that I despise people who decide to butt in on my matches. If my opponent cannot win on his own and needs to rely on an outsider then he becomes weak in my eyes. Go into Aftershock knowing that you have made your partner look weaker than he actually is and knowing that I am going to show you the folly of your ways."

Korath finishes his circuit and picks up a roll of twine and a wooden mallet, placing them next to the first stake he dropped. Having gotten his task ready he returns his attention to the camera.

"Going by my history with you Darkness you are a man who needs to rely upon outside interference to win his matches. You are a weakling and you need to be crushed and scattered to the for winds and I am just the man to do it. When we take the ring at Aftershock you are going to feel the earth shaking power of the Nordic Nightmare, you need to come prepared to fight for your very life. If you should feel inclined to have assistance come to the ring with you I hope its someone you consider expendable, for they too shall have to weather my fury. Aftershock is the finals for the Crusade Cup, but when I am done the fans of WWX won't be talking about whoever wins. No, that which will upon the lips of each and every fan will be…."

"When Darkness Falls."

Korath turns and kneels down, picking up the mallet and the first of the stakes. He sets the stake to the earth and gets ready to drive it in but stops when he notices the cameras still there.

"Be gone, I've work to do and you don't need to be here anymore."

He watches till the cameras start to back away, then turns back to his task. The scene fades to black with the rhythmic *thump *thump of the mallet striking home echoing in the background. 

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