When in Rome, am I right?

Roleplay Roleplay by GIMMICK JONES
On Tue, Sep04, 2018 6:25am America/Phoenix
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When in Rome, am I right?
Hey.. when in Rome, am I right? 

Police dispatcher: “We have shots fired on the 1800 block of 

 Repeat. Shots fired!”

Bank robbery with president mask. Take off mask to reveal gimmick Jones face. 

(A hand held camera phone gives a first person view of someone running through a dark alleyway and slowing to a stop. Now hunched over, he gasps for air with both hands braced on both knees. Heavy panting and breathing can be heard over the police sirens wailing in the background noise as the side door of a nearby midnight black van is slid open and we step inside the vehicle. The camera phone is spun around and aimed at the suspect at large and the rubber Trump mask is removed to reveal a smirking Gimmick Jones.)

~Gimmick “moneymaker” Jones~

“Hello, WWX! Didja miss me? Was a little low on funds for gas money so found this place where they just leave money laying on the floor. Can you believe it? So I kindly handed a note asking for the money and they just GAVE it to me, no questions asked. Personally? I think it's because they really liked my Trump mask. So, anyways.. Now that my traveling accommodations have been met, there's going to be one more name headed into Coliseum at Rome's el pollo loco mamacita. Oh wait, sorry, that was a typo. Make that the palaLottomatica.”

{The van radio is clicked on to a mainstream rap station and Gimmick Jones sways to the beat as he freestyles a flow into the handheld camera phone.}

~Gimmick “moneymaker Jones~ 

“Whose the best whose the worst in this here rap game. For those who claim to be the best? I tear them out the frame. I'm representin' puttin' the Twin Cities on the map.”

“Come up with a style to make con-versatile. Don't treat me like no lame I've been in this game for awhile. I've seen alot ta come, I've seen alot a go, I've seen alot ta break
I've seen alot to blow, a yo.. It's a trip to see ya’ll slip. Geta grip sucka, sucka geta grip, geta geta grip. Yo set it, you crossed the line and hit the border so Gimmicks gonna start attacking to restore law and order.”

Now a ... now... now a dayz Bee itches frontin' like they ill acting out to show his skill
Recognize, what you frontin' for? I know your style. Oh, your just another in the race,
Fakin' and frontin’, takin' up space.”

“To me your nuttin' but a needle in the haystack Listen kid I've been doing this since way back. Who's the best? I want the best to come test me.. So I can release some stress from my chest g. So big Willy Mack, Is you down to go pound for pound,
Toe to toe, blow for blow, round for round?”

“I'm wonderin' cuz I bring the thunder and the rain in the ring. Causin' confusion to your brain. Concentrate to get my life straight, can't wait before it's too late.”

“So Champ. Pack your bags, head outta town, I'll be back around so be gone before sundown. From Minnesota comes a brotha named Gimmick, with techniques of the streets over roughneck beats I'm the muthafunker choppin' crews like a chainsaw so
Talk what you what ta, Do what you gotta, Well let me tell you something man you can't do me nadda. Haha! Steen? Keep it warm. The Hardcore Title, that is.”

(With a cocky wink, the transmission feed ends.)

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