When one door closes . . .

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Thu, Mar08, 2018 10:11am America/Phoenix
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When one door closes . . .
(Scene opens inside the backstage area of the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon. Camera is close up on WWX superstar, Willie Steen as he walks down the hallway with a stern look on his face and the WWX Television Championship resting on his shoulder.)

???: Excuse me, Willie. 

(Steen stops and turns as WWX reporter, Jake Archer, approaches him with a microphone in his hand.)

Archer: Willie, we just heard a blockbuster announcement with James Ranger announcing a six-man elimination chamber match to officially retire the WWX Television Championship. Youíre the Television Champion, what are your thoughts?

Steen (Shrugs his shoulders, incredulously): Whatís to think about? I mean the decision has been made and the message is very clear. Once again, the WWX brass and their twisted agendas have conspired to clip my wings. Just when Iím on top of the world, and rolling on a hot streak, they decide to strip me of my hard-earned and well deserved, Television Championship. A championship with a rich history that I had steadily and single-handedly restored to its former glory. A championship that I have held on more occasions than anyone else in WWX history. And itís just being ripped away and thrown in the trash, because the WWX has a biased objection against me. 

(Steen looks at his belt and then a slight grin starts to spread across his face.)

Steen: But then itís like the good book says, ďWhen the Lord closes a door, He opens a windowĒ. And alas, He has. A wonderful window of opportunity for another shot at glory. A tournament to decide the new WWX International Championship. A title as storied and prestigious as the one on my shoulder. And it just so happens to be a title that I have yet to have the honor of holding. So what better way for me to start a brand new legacy?

Archer: Well, that opportunity must go through Hex Girl, who you face in the first round next week at Ravage. Now, we know you've had qualms about wrestling females in the past. Do you think that's going to be an issue for you advancing in the tournament. 

Steen: Hey, this is business, Archie. I don't have to like or enjoy it, but at the end of the day, a manís gotta do what a manís gotta do. Besides, it's Hex Girl. At this point, she's pretty much a dude, herself. I consider her as much a chick as I do you. 

Archer: Gee, thanks.

Steen: Yeah, don't mention it. Look, I don't care if it's Hex Girl, Super Girl, or yo girl. This is an opportunity that I can't let pass me by. And I'm going to do whatever I have to make sure that I walk out of Armada with gold around my waist. 

Archer: Thanks for your time Willie. 

Steen: Don't mention it. 

(Steen winks at the camera and walks away. Scene fades to black.)

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