Where's your head at?

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Fri, Oct20, 2017 9:58pm America/Phoenix
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Where's your head at?
(Scene opens inside of a privately-owned gymnasium, where a sparring session is taking place, featuring WWX superstar, Willie Steen. Steen is trading shots with his sparing paring partner as a trainer watches, shouting tips. Steen seems to be getting tired as he tries to throw desperation shots and missing rather wildly. He gets tagged by a right-left combo and hits the deck.)

Trainer: Címon Willie. Whatís going on?

(Steen staggers up to feet, rips off his gloves and tosses them out of the ring in frustration. )

Trainer: Alright, take a rest. Weíll pick it up in 5 minutes

(Steen steps through the ropes and plops down on the apron breathing heavily. He grabs his water bottle, swills some water around in his mouth and then spits it out. Liz approaches him on with her arms folded. Steen does not look up.)

Liz: Hey

(Steen continues to ignore.)

Liz: You know, most of your sparing sessions end with the other guy on his ass.

(Steen rolls his eyes and sets the water bottle down on the edge of the ring.)

Liz: Ok, whatís the deal, Willie? 

(Steen shakes his head.)

Liz: Donít tell me itís nothing. Youíve been acting shady all week. Youíre not focused in the ring, youíve barely said a word all week and every time I see you, youíre on your phone having some secret conversation. What is going on?

(Steen shrugs)

Liz: How do plan on taking on Tommy Lipton this week if your head is not in the game.

Steen: My head is exactly where it needs to be, alright. Look, donít worry about me, ok. I know exactly what Iím doing. And it goes beyond just some match against Tommy Lipton.

Trainer: Alright, Will. You ready?

(Steen stands up and climbs back into the ring. As Liz watches on, Steenís phone begins buzzing. Liz turns and picks up the phone sitting on the ring steps and looks at the screen. The phone continues to buzz in her hand as the scene fades to black. )

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