Whining and Complaining

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Fri, Feb17, 2017 6:05pm America/Phoenix
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Whining and Complaining
(The camera comes to life just on the outskirts of Darkness' hometown of Florence, South Carolina. The camera focuses in on Darkness sitting on the ground leaning up against a tree next to a lake. Darkness sits there staring off into space while throwing pebbles into the lake.)

Darkness: Willie Steen would you please quit your whining and complaining. You sound like a child that just got his candy taken away. There a more important matters at hand.

(Darkness picks up a large rock and throws it into the water and it quickly sinks to the bottom.)

Darkness: You see Willie Steen that is your career right there sinking to the bottom of the lake. You have done well for yourself over the years but that is about to come to an end. Come Aftershock after I slam your head through the mat your career will be over and I will move on to more pressing matters like James Ranger.

(Darkness stands up and begins walking along the shore line of the lake.)

Darkness: Ranger we both know why you put me in this match. You're hoping Willie Steen can manage to soften me up so that hopefully I will forget about my plans for us at Hall of Pain. Well Ranger you know he has a fat chance in hell to do that so why bother. 

(Darkness pauses for a second and watches a fish splash out of the water and back in.)

Darkness: Ranger you know the wwX is losing momentum so you know the wwX needs this. The wwX needs the Ranger Darkness rivalry. If not the wwX is going to die just like the career of the career of Willie "The Whiner" Steen.

(Darkness stops at a section of the lake that had a bunch of brush growing up around it. He turns and faces the lake turning his back to the brush.)

Darkness: It doesn't matter what you do Ranger, nothing is going to stop...

(Just then a figure comes out of the brush and hits Darkness in the back of the head with a steel pipe. The blow knocks Darkness unconscious and sends him face first into the lake. The figure then runs off.)

Camera Man: Who was that?

(The camera man drops the camera to the ground and rushes over to pull Darkness out of the water. The camera falls just right to catch the camera man helping Darkness out of the water just as Darkness is coming to.)

Camera Man: You alright?

Darkness: I think...

(The camera fades as Darkness passes back out again.)

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