Who is Helen??

Roleplay Roleplay by SCOTT GRAYSE
On Sun, Apr22, 2018 1:21pm America/Phoenix
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Who is Helen??
-The scene opens where a very close up shot of a rustic hammer, that you can tell has been used an awful lot in recent years. The blood splatter looks fresh as it glistens off the mettalic head of the hammer. The camera pans out and we see a hand reach down and grab the hammer. The camera pans up and we see Scott Grayse standing over an open fire as he holds the picture of his opponents. One by One he throws them into the fire and then burns to a crisp. Grayse looks up to notice the camera there.-

“I want to introduce you all to someone. She is a main-stay in my life and has brought me more happiness than anyone before her! So let me ask the 6 of you a question..”

-Grayse’s lips curl as a sinister smirk forms.-

“Are you ready to meet Helen?”

-Grayse burst’s into laughter as he holds Helen close and gazes upon her beauty.-

“She has tasted the blood of my many enemies. She has watched the demise of every foundation laid before her! Now you 6 really believe you stand any bit of a chance against me? I’m a |BLEEP|IN’ PSYCHOPATH!! I enjoy watching your blood spill and your bones break! Your career ending? That's the ultimate goal! I don’t give 2 shits about your tv show, about how you don't care or nothing of those sorts! I'm coming to become TV Champion once again and nothing any of you say will stop that!”

-Grayse sits in an Indian style position as he continues.-

“This fire that burns represent all the souls I have enflamed! I can now walk into Armada confident I will be the victor. Then as the fire goes out and the lights come on. You see Scott Grayse as your NEW…..”

-Grayse smiles and clinches Helen tightly-

“TELEVISION CHAMPION!!! Prepare for Judgement!!”

-The scene closes as Grayse continues to chant and meditate by the fire.-

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