Who Stole My Mojo

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Wed, Nov15, 2017 9:38pm America/Phoenix
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Who Stole My Mojo
"Some may call it a slump. Others may call it a losing streak. A select few may even say I have completely lost it. Well that is just their damn opinion. In my eyes it is nothing but a minor setback."

The camera comes to life inside Joe's grill. A small little road side diner just outside of Duluth, Georgia. Darkness is seen sitting in a corner booth. He is wearing a black t-shirt with a pair of blue jeans. he has a menu out on the table looking at it. Along with the menu sits a glass of water.

"Rayne got the best of me on Wreckage. On that night he was the better man. Hell it happens. One mistake and you can lose all momentum and lose the match. That is exactly what happen on Wreckage. I underestimated Rayne and he took advantage of it. In all honesty I think I underestimated my ability right now. I just came off a lose at Hall of Pain and in the process losing the Undisputed championship. My mind was not on that match and for that Rayne took complete advantage and took the match. I can't blame him. The only person I can blame is myself."

Darkness takes a sip of water and continues to look at the menu.

"I blame myself. I've somehow lost my edge. An edge I had years ago before I retire in 2012. An edge I had when I first come back. The edge I had when I blew through the Crusade Cup straight in to the Undisputed title match at World Series. With that edge I went on to dethrone Syndicate but somewhere after that something happened.

Darkness takes another sip of water as the waitress comes by.

"Do you know what you would like to order?"

"Just give me the special. Also can I go ahead and get the check with that also."

"Sure can sweetie. I will put your order in."

The waitress walks to the kitchen as Darkness folds up the menu and places it back in its holder.

"You may ask yourself what happened. Well somewhere in between World Series and Hall of Pain I lost myself. The problem is now I have to figure out where to find myself again and the only thing that is for sure is that the search will begin on Ravage in the tag tournament. With Bob "The Beast" Mellon by my side I will begin my search. A search that could take days, months, or even years but I will find the old Darkness."

The waitress brings Darkness his food and slides the check onto the table.

"On Ravage me and the beast will be facing Kurtis Ray and Tom Black for a chance to advance in the Bourne Tag Invitational. Kurtis Ray I beat you at Outrage to win the Crusade Cup. That win came when I had the edge. When I knew who I was. On Ravage you may have a chance since I've lost my edge but then again Ravage could be the night where I put it all back together again and you end up with the same fate as Outrage. Maybe Bob takes control of the match. Either way you and Tom Black will not advance any further in this invitational."

Darkness takes a bite of the food.

"Tom Black, many are calling you the imitation Darkness. I guess come Ravage we will find out what you have. Maybe that is what has happened. Maybe I will find myself in you. Maybe you will be the inspiration that I need. For all I know you may be the one that stole my mojo. Tom Black and Kurtis Ray be ready come Ravage because the search will begin."

Darkness lays a twenty down on the table and walks out as the camera fades.

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