Who will Fall

Roleplay Roleplay by KORATH
On Fri, Feb02, 2018 9:49pm America/Phoenix
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Who will Fall
*Scene opens once again with a full moon lighting a snow covered forest. Where the camera is positioned the trees appear to have grow like an aisle. At the far end Korath, dressed in his bearskin cloak, walks towards the camera. As he draws nearer a voice over begins.

Korath (VO): "I seem to have finally struck a nerve with you Syndicate. I'm finally going to get to see you try your best to beat an opponent. I finally get to see if you have grown into a warrior, to see if you winning those five titles was not a fluke. I get to finally have my chance to see if you can beat me. I finally get to have a blood soaked brawl, where one man stands and the other shall fall. I hope your words are true Syndicate. The fight of your life begins soon."

As Korath draws closer in the background the scene changes to a familiar glade Korath used for totemic rituals, strengthening his resolve and his skin with fire. A great bonfire erupts in front of him and he passes harmlessly through as the voice contunues.

(VO): You tell me that you are always giving one hundred percent yet you have never beaten me even though I only use about sixty percent of what I am capable of. You should feel honored Syndicate that I am showing you the full extent of my might, even though I doubt you will be conscious long enough to appreciate it. I truly do hope that you enter the ring with no regrets, for when you fail to do what it takes to stop my rampage, you will have no one to blame but your self."

This time the scene switches to a clearing with the burnt out hulk of a longhouse, Koraths one time home. He looks to it for a moment as he passes, reaching out as the specter of a large wolf bounds over and walks with him. He scratches it behind the ears as the voice over again continues.

(VO): "You are sick of me and I tire of you boy. Your endless whining about someone else being the champion whether they actually earned the belt or not has grown so old that everyone on the roster sees you as nothing but a laughing stock. You have no respect behind the scenes and will continue to do so because of your actions. Maybe you can change some minds if you manage to beat me this Ravage. You say you are pissed beyond belief? Your anger is but a birthday candle next to the raging inferno that is my primal rage. You WILL do whatever it takes because if you don't you will die. You will get your fair match, no one to help me or you. Put me down Syndicate, show the world you can get to Pendragon, or fall to the beast and follow a new champion as I am the one to claim the gold."

As the voice fades, the scene changes to the interior of the Staples Center arena. When Korath reaches the camera he is no longer wearing the bearskin but is instead dressed for battle. Leather pants and boots, his black tunic belted around his waist leaving his upper body bare. The bronze studs of his bracers gleaming in the light. This time its Korath himself who speaks.

Korath: "No Regrets, No Restraints, No Going Back. When Ravage comes Syndicate, our feud, our history, it all comes to an end. Who will stand and who will fall, it all falls on you Syndicate. If you cannot bring forth what you need to beat me then I instead shall welcome you...

He motions towards the the ring

"To Ragnarök"

The scene shows the ring turning bloody as it fades. A great lightning bolt flashes across the now black screen, leaving the Nordic Nightmare logo. Perhaps for the final time.

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