Who's laughing now?

Roleplay Roleplay by JUSTICE JOHNSTON
On Sat, Jun24, 2017 10:59am America/Phoenix
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Who's laughing now?
Isn't that cute. Pure Darkness was gifted with a lucky fluke win and now all of a sudden they are the cats meow in their own minds and eyes. Did you really think that we would continue to let you try and steal the momentum we put hard work into building for you three clowns to capitalize on for you own success, and at our expense? Boys, you gotta be even dumber than you look.

[Funzo the clown rides through the shot juggling bowling pins on a unicycle. Blayde Archer stabs an arrow through the wheel spoke causing Funzo to face plant onto the hard concrete floor. The clown looks up at the three men now surrounding him with a bloody smile on his face.]

You have been here for months and never once heard your voice speak your mind.. Always using that other Jokester and those stupid puppets to talk for you. What kinda clown are you anyways?

He's a mime, Jumbo. Mimes don't talk..

Right, right-right I knew that!

That reminds me of a joke. Knock-knock..

Who's there?

[Blayde Archer flips open a butterfly knife and his sadistic smile grows larger.]

A scalped mime clown. Grab em'!

[Ezra Zion and Justice Johnston hook the arms of Funzo the Clown and the camera turns away to show their shadows on the wall and Horrifying screams of terrifying, agonizing, excruciating pain followed by Silence. The camera slowly, hesitantly pans back to show Blayde Archer with a handful of bloody hair as all three Blade Club members stand over Funzo the Clown who lays unconscious in a puddle of his own blood.]

One clown down. Three more to go..

[Blayde Archer smears the blood smatter from his cheek and licks it clean from his finger.]

The Blade Club are clearly in a league of our own and miles ahead of the competition. Including that cheap, generic, second rate cover band Emo version of us minus a brain. It's simple as this. Blade Club are winners. Pure Darkness? Losers that are jealous and envious of our success. That fact is painfully obvious more than ever before after what transpired on Ravage and now you all are wanting to ride our coat tails to the top.. You want that Blade Club RUB to get over with these sycophant fanboy marks in the crowds. Yeah, well, good luck with that because you won't be going over, in fact you won't be going anywhere for a while once you three are laid out under us, staring up at the better men. That is, of course, if you three pathetic excuses are dumb enough to show. Pure Darkness, keep writing those checks with your alligator mouth and we will see how long it takes before your hummingbird ass stops cashing in on it. There is a receipt coming back your way and you're not going to like it but hey, YOU asked for this. Remember that.

[Blayde Archer smudges a bloody finger print across the wall, spelling out Blade Club, leaving the camera focusing on the crimson stained message as we fade to black.]

*disclaimer: FUNZO The Clown was used with permission from their handler.*

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