Why Do I Care About Rankings

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Fri, Aug25, 2017 6:23am America/Phoenix
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Why Do I Care About Rankings
[The camera comes to life in a small town just outside of San Diego. The sky is full of clouds blocking out most of the sun. The hint of rain can be smelt through the slight breeze that is blowing through the trees rustling the leaves in the process. Darkness can be seen walking the streets. As Darkness rounds a corner he notices WWX 's own Paige Taylor coming his way.]

Paige: Darkness... oh Darkness

[Paige frantically waves her arms trying to get Darkness attention. Darkness in an attempt to allude her quickly ducks down a alley way.]

Paige: I hope he doesn't think he is going to get away that easily.

[Paige begins to run towards the alley but as she does one of her heels breaks off. Paige stops for a second and picks it up and in doing so takes off her heels.]

Paige: I hope WWX knows they will pay for those. They were my best pair.]

[Paige continues into the alley. Once there Paige notices Darkness is nowhere to be seen and the alley is nothing bit a dead end. A brick wall is at the end of the alley and Paige is standing at the only exit out.]

Paige: Now where did he go and how?

Darkness: Are you looking for me.

[Paige turns around to see Darkness standing behind her. Paige has a slightly confused look on her face as she tries to figure out how Darkness got behind her.]

Paige: How did you...

Darkness: Don't worry about that. There is a lot you don't know being new to the WWX. Now why did the powers to be send you after me?

Paige: Well I'm here because you have been absent from the WWX for a few weeks now only to show up for your matches.

Darkness: Does James Bourne not understand at this moment I do not care about the matches he keeps putting me it. These matches are meaningless at this moment in time.

Paige: What about the rankings? You have been losing your matches and dropping down the rankings.

[Darkness pauses for a second and then reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a folded up piece of paper.]

Darkness: Rankings mean nothing to me right now. All that matters is this piece of paper, I hold in my hand that apparently in his short time as General Manager, James Bourne has forgotten about. This piece of paper is the key. The key that unlocks the door at World Series.

Paige: What do you mean? 

Darkness: This paper is the contract I signed after I won the Crusade Cup for a shot at Syndicate's Undisputed World title at World Series. So James Bourne can continue to put me in these matches and I can continue to lose and it won't matter not one bit. James Bourne can drop me completely out of the rankings if he wants but as long as I have this my shot is secure.

Paige: But what is Krimzon Blaze beats Syndicate at Fury. He then gets a title shot at the next Fury and could very well be the Undisputed World Champion going into World Series.

[Darkness slips the paper back into his pocket as he chuckles a bit at the comment Paige just made.]

Darkness: Oh don't you worry your pretty little head over that. Do you honestly think Krimzon Blaze is going to walk into World Series as the Undisputed World champion. If you do then you haven't been around the WWX long enough.

[Darkness turns and exits the alley. Paige tries to follow but as she exits the alley Darkness is no where to be seen once again.]

Paige: Now where did he go and how?

[Paige once again has a confused look on her face as the camera fades to black.]

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