Why Shouldn't Pure Darkness Prevail?

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Thu, May18, 2017 11:08am America/Phoenix
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Why Shouldn't Pure Darkness Prevail?
[Tom Black and Polaris are sat on a wooden bench inside Tom's cave. The darkness is slightly illuminated by the old, cracked screen with WWX playing on the screen. You can hear,]

Matt: “Willie Steen expecting a different opponent tonight."

[The camera pans in to the TV screen and you can see a match between Willie Steen and Tom Black]

Tom using his strength stops the forward motion and lifts Willie high and lands a HUGE atomic drop.


Willie bounces in pain and as he turns Tom hits a huge clothesline.

Matt: “He almost took his head off there.”

Chip: “I am liking this new rookie.”

[Black goes for a pin.]

Ref: “ONE”






[The screen then skips to another part of the match.]

Tom moves to his feet and snatches Willie up]

{{{BLACK HOLE}}} (Power Bomb SETUP to a DDT)

Willie Steen is out on the mat as Tom moves back to his feet.


[You now see the program being fast forwarded to the final part of the match between 420 and Pure Darkness]

[Gary attempts to get back up, but Tom grabs him tossing him through the ropes and turns to deal with Matt who is woozy and moving back to his feet. Black Tom kicks him in the gut.]



[Tom pins.]

Ref: “ONE”





[Gary slides into the ring.]


[Bishop grabs Gary by the leg and drags him back out.]


[Polaris claps as he watches the pin by Tom Black. He looks so happy about the win that he is making Tom Black smile. The screen fast forwards once again to the great moment between Glorious Gaijin and Super Bacon vs Pure Darkness.]

Bishop throws the chair out of the ring and walks over lightly kicking the referee awake as he goes for the pin.]








Chip: “And that is how you do it boys and girls! Another win in the record books for the team of Polaris and Black!”

[The TV is switched off in a flash, Polaris is smugly looking at the camera is twitching.

Polaris: Look where we have come! We have the opportunity to cement our place in WWX forever! We have defied the odds and we are about to capture our first title!

Black: I get to kick ass! And Polaris is able to bring purity and I get to turn the purity into darkness.

Polaris: We will define what it means to be a tag team and nobody can stop us now.

Tom Black: So, what is in store for Pure Darkness? I'm going to let you have a guess. Yeah, McAllister and Lipton have done a lot. And I mean a lot. But are they the Dark One? No, they're not. These matches that I've been through, I worked hard for, no matter how easy our opponents were. We are making an impact in Mayhem like nobody else has .

Polaris: We are Pure Darkness. That's all there is to it. And we'll do anything to keep it that way.

[He looks at his partner who is now huffing and puffing ferociously. He wags his finger at Tom to signify him to calm down,]

Polaris: There, there Tom. You need to calm down!

[He is speaking as if he is talking to a toddler]

Tom Black: Why? I want Lipton and McAllister now! Why shouldn't I beat them now! Why shouldn't I prevail over them right now? Why shouldn't I, The Dark One, one half of Pure Darkness, deserve to win the title?

Polaris: Yes Tom, why shouldn't you? But you can wait until Sunday to let out all of your anger upon these impure men, just like the Psychologist said!

Tom Black: Ok, but this Sunday, I will show no remorse, no mercy, this Sunday, it's going to be Mayhem...

[The camera fades to black.]

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