Why... Why... Why...

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Thu, Nov03, 2016 7:18pm America/Phoenix
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Why... Why... Why...
The camera come to life inside Mount Hope Cemetery located in the heart of Florence, South Carolina. The camera pans around the cemetery until it comes to stop on one gravestone. Sitting just behind a oak tree on a pewter bench is Darkness. Darkness is not dressed in his normal gear but is dressed in a black shirt and black slacks. Darkness is sitting with his head down deep in thought and talking.

Darkness: Why? That's the question I ask myself every time I have a match in the WWX ring.

Darkness pauses for a second before looking up to notice the camera crew that has now inch their way to within a few feet of Darkness. Darkness acknowledges that he knows they are their and then lowers his head back down.

Darkness. That is close enough. I ask that you respect my privacy.

The camera stops right there but continues to film.

Darkness: Why does everybody I face think that the way I portray myself has to do with some sort of dark magic or something along those lines. Yes in the past I did train for a few months with Lost Soul and his druids. I learned a lot there but that is not who I am or what controls my being. Nobody in that locker room, in the front office, and not even you Erwin have a clue what causes and controls the darkness inside of me. 

Darkness: Erwin, you can compare me to the darkness in the world that any particle of light can destroy. You can use whatever type of machines, equipment, and mechanisms that you want. 

The camera zooms in on Darkness and notices he is holding a single rose in his hand.

Darkness: Erwin, you can step foot in that ring and think that you can beat or even dispel what you think I'm made of. You can use your brute strength, heck you can try a flashlight if you want but nothing you try is going to work. There is only one person that can dispel this darkness from me but he is not going to be in that ring on Ravage. So Erwin let me see if I can put it where you can understand... Angst vor der Dunkelheit. 

Darkness leans down off the bench and makes his way to one knee. As he does he places a single rose on the gravestone. Darkness pushes up off the ground and makes his way to both feet. 

Darkness: You know the reason, although you may not understand.

The camera fades as Darkness walks away.

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