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(A light clicks on, revealing the interior of a modest apartment. A large television is hung on one wall, playing a wrestling match, but the focus isn't quite good enough to reveal the participants. Kurtis Ray enters from off screen with a plate, settling down in a recliner and putting the plate down on a table beside him. He picks up a remote, tuning off the television, before adjusting the chair so he's facing the camera.)

KURTIS: Here we are again, back in my apartment while I blow smoke about how I'm gonna do the blabitty bloo blah and be the one to shock the world and win the Race for the Case at Hall of Pain. Cause that's what I do, right? That's what we all do. We talk and we talk and we taunt and we taunt and nobody ever says anything meaningful. So tonight, I figured I'd do things a little different. And I mean it'll probably come back to me bragging about how I'm going to win the case, but whatever.

(Kurtis leans forward in the chair, reaching for a container on the coffee table. He opens it, producing a package of rolling papers and a ziploc bag of what is, presumably, tobacco.)

KURTIS: I figured tonight I'd share some more of history. About what brought me here, about what motivates me, and about what brought me back after I left. I've made no secret of where I started out, wrestling for a hundred bucks a week for a promotion that worked out of a bar. Back in those days people used to cheer for me to get my ass beat and more often than not I didn't disappoint. I could hold my own in a fight, but when it came to a wrestling ring I was way out of my element.

(Kurtis smiles to himself, pausing in his recollection and chuckling at some fond memory.)

KURTIS: There's the one match I kind of remember from my first year. It was against a dude who called himself Bruiser Calhoun, and he worked real stiff. Like stiff enough that I left the ring that night with a concussion, a handful of cracked ribs, and a broken ankle from when I slipped in my own puke. But I walked out of the ring, and that was when the other guys I worked with started calling me the K-Train. I didn't win the match, but it was the first time I thought I could, and the first time people really cheered for me. It was a revelation. 

(Kurtis goes about rolling a cigarette, twisting the paper into a tight tube. He pokes it into his mouth, producing a lighter and striking it to life. He takes a long draw off the cigarette, loosing a cloud of smoke.)

KURTIS: That was when I started following the hype. Whether I got cheered or booed, I figured out I was doing the right thing when people were making noise. It's why I started using moves like the Rolling Thunder, or the Hangover, albeit under different names. And it's the reason why wherever I go, so long as I follow the hype, I succeed. It's the reason why I went to Japan as an enhancement talent and won one of the titles I'm most proud of.

(Kurtis hauls out a familiar looking duffel bag, however this time it only has a single belt in it. He takes out the belt, running his hand over it fondly, before revealing it to the camera.)

KURTIS: This is the Nippon Super Pro Wrestling Gaijinweight championship. Originally when they brought me in, it was that typical foreign invader gimmick, you know? Be an American and make 'em hate you. But I got so over by following the hype that they threw this program at me where I renounced their championships and established my own. It was stupid, corny, and the fans ate it up. It directly led to me winning the NSPW Heavyweight Championship. Which, as I've established, led to numerous other titles all over the world. A legacy I'm very proud of, all thanks to following the hype.

(Kurtis takes another pull off the cigarette, leaning back in the chair and draping the belt across his lap.)

KURTIS: Nothing is written in stone. Nothing is written before it happens. We live and thrive in a business driven by hype. The fans like you, the bosses like you, and you success. Anyone who thinks I don't belong here anymore, that my opportunities don't make sense or whatever, those people are going to be very surprised. I work for the hype. I live for the hype. Underestimating that is a mistake. Hall of Pain is going to be the proper return of the Hype Train. Get on board or clear the tracks.

(Kurtis winks at the camera, grinning wide.)

Kurtis: Choo choo.

(Suddenly a doorbell sounds off. Kurtis looks surprised, rising out of his chair and disappearing off-screen. The door can be heard opening and then muffled conversation for a few seconds  before the door clicks shut and Kurtis appears again, holding a registered letter.)

KURTIS: I wasn't expecting mail....

(He opens the envelope, pulling out what is unmistakably a contract, his expression turning unreadable. He looks up at the camera, reaching up to shut it off without saying another word.)

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