William Steen.

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On Tue, Apr17, 2018 3:43pm America/Phoenix
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William Steen.

Ranger and WWX brass stacking the deck against me. 

Ranger is clearly doing this as a way to get the belt off of me. 

Maybe he thinks I wonít be committed because Iím a big time movie star now. 

Maybe he resents the fact that Iím the most decorated Television Champion in history.

this is my legacy on the line here and heís not gonna stand in the way of my date with immortality.

Iím going on to the Elimination Chamber at Armada where I will cement my legacy as the last and greatest Television Champion in WWX history.

wrath. James Ranger. 

Greed. Willie Steen.

sloth. Twist. 

pride. Damian Hendrix.

lust. Jarvis Valentine.

envy. Scott Grayse.

gluttony. Super Bacon. 

Pick your poison.

Faith. Hope. Charity. Justice. Prudence. Temperance. Fortitude.

All are virtues lost on most of the world of today.

The WWX Television Title along with its rich history will retire and end at Armada.

It has become my mission to be the last name associated with the Television Championship.

So, should it end? It will end with me coming to claim the gold as its final rightful owner. 

A rabid pack of lawyers will not stop me from striking you down like prey. 

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