Willie, where have you been?

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Thu, May17, 2018 11:10am America/Phoenix
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Willie, where have you been?
(Scene opens inside the Izod Center in New Jersey, the site of this weeks episode of WWX Ravage. WWX.com beat reporter, Sarah Jackson, is standing in front of the camera with a microphone, waiting patiently for her cue from the studio. She quickly fixes her hair and straightens out her dress. She looks up as she gets a signal from the cameraman. She puts a finger to her earpiece and as she listens for the studio cue. She gives a thumbs up to the cameraman who gives her the countdown and then the signal to begin)

SJ: Yes, hello, Mike. Iím here at the Izod Center, where we are getting set for Ravage this Monday. A lot of intriguing matchups on this card, but maybe none more so than the tag-team match pitting Jarvis Valentine and Bob Mellon against Willie Steen and Rayne. The caveat being that the participant that scores the pinfall will be crowned the International Champion. The pairings in this match are quite interesting as the current champion, Jarvis Valentine, is being forced to team with the man who held the title before him, Bob Mellon. Also interesting is the pairing of Willie Steen and Rayne who have had there differences going back almost five years. And speaking of Willie Steen, no one has seen or heard from Steen since Armada when he failed to retain his Television Championship. Many speculate as or whether or not he will show up for this . . .

(Sarah stops and turns abruptly as a small commotion catches her attention. Her eyes get wide and she excitedly turns back to the camera.)

SJ: Oh my gosh, there he is!

(Camera turns in the direction of her gaze toward the entrance of the arena as Willie Steen walks though the front door past a sea of frenzied reporters without so much as a word to anyone. SJ hurries toward him beckoning the cameraman to follow. They catch up to Steen who doesnít seem to notice them approach)

SJ: Willie! Willie, itís Sarah for wwx.com, can we just get a quick word?

(Steen ignores her and continues walking)

SJ: Willie, itís been almost a month since we last heard from you. Are you aware of your upcoming match at Ravage? Are you prepared?

(Steen does not break stride. Sarah hustles to keep up)

SJ: We all know youíve made claims in the past about your desire to compete for the International Championship and winning the title would make you a Grand-slam Champion in the WWX. Have you given any thought to what that would mean for you?

(Again, no response. SJ huffs as she struggles to keep up before slowing to a stop. She watches as Steen continues past her without a word.)

SJ: Do you at least have a reaction to losing the Television Title at Armada. 

(Suddenly, Steen stops in his tracks. After a few seconds he breathes a deep sigh and turns around. His dark sunglasses hide what little expression is on his face. He motions Sarah to come over and puts his hand out for the microphone. SJ and the cameraman make their way towards Steen and lifts the microphone up to him. Steen raises the microphone up to his lift, looks into the camera and the chucks the microphone across the room. Steen then turns on his heel and marches down the hall towards the locker rooms, leaving a stunned and flustered SJ in his wake. Scene fades to black)

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