Win or Lose... its the passion that matters

Roleplay Roleplay by KAILEE
On Wed, Sep20, 2017 11:42am America/Phoenix
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Win or Lose... its the passion that matters
[We open to a Camera to Kailee standing in the middle of the ring talking to a group of trainees]

Kailee: win or lose you have to rememeber to try your best and even if you don't win you did your best. Don't get down if you don't win, from every match you learn and get better. Any Questions? 

[She hets out the ring smiling at the trainees giving the hugs. She sees the camera man and walkes over to them

Cameraman: Are you ready for Word Series?

Kailee: As ready as I will ever be, but I am going to tell you this I will not worry about the what if. What if I win? So I win great. If I lose then I will sit and watch the rest of the action in the rings. All i know is I Tried my best.

Cameraman: if you dont win, who do you want to win? Out of our ring... Hexy or Beatrice and all the rest of the rings? Rex and Tommy. [Snuffs herself.] 

Kailee: No excuse men, I need to go shower. 

[Camera fades to black asnKailee strolls to the locker room]

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