Women in the Spotlight (Repost with correct wrestler)

Roleplay Roleplay by BEATRICE PENDRAGON
On Wed, Oct11, 2017 9:08pm America/Phoenix
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Women in the Spotlight (Repost with correct wrestler)
???: The only person who I will fall to my knees for is Xavier and even he knows I don't do that. So tell me  Rayne, why should I fall to my knees for you?

Beatrice is seen walking through the woods on a trail. 

BEATRICE: It's been sometime since Hex Girl broke the barrier and became the first female TV Champion. Since then, both Hex Girl and I tore down the house the last time her and I was in the ring the last time, but that's in the past. I'm looking towards this upcoming where according to you, you're gonna make me, Jairus and Kailee fall to our knees and look up to you. My question is how are you going to do that Rayne? I'm not so easily put down, if at all. But since you're the first one to speak, it would only be fitting for you to think that since you were the first to speak that the rest of us would just bow down to you. Not happening. Yes, you are a former champion and while you know what needs to be done to get there, the road to a championship is not easily travelled like you want everyone to assume it is...especially with me. But you're not the only one that I will be addressing in this match. There are other competitors in this match as well.

Beatrice comes to what appears to be a fork in the road. The trail splits into 3 sections. One group of people come up behind Beatrice and take the right path. A couple, holding hands, travels down the left path. Beatrice takes the middle path.

BEATRICE: Luke Jairus, you state that you should be Television Champ right now and Hex Girl is only keeping your title warm for you. If that be the case, why is she still the TV Champ after you thoroughly embarrassed yourself on numerous occasions in trying to get the TV title away from Hex Girl. Looking at you trying to wrestle the TV title away from Hex is almost as blasphemous as the infamous Montreal Screw Job. Nothing's really changed about you Luke. You're just another man who thinks that women shouldn't have the spotlight shown on them for once in a lifetime. That's okay Luke. It's okay for you to feel like that. Don't expect me to just lay down and give you the match. THAT ain't happening. Two opponents down, one left to go...which would be you Kailee.

The mere mention of Kailee's name brings a rather very rare smile on Beatrice's face.

BEATRICE: Kailee, I'm proud of you. I'm proud of you for actually getting out there and laying it all on the line at World Series. Keep that trend going. I wanna see that same fighting spirit I saw at World Series again at Fury. I see potential in you Kailee. People, Fury is almost upon us and this time, there will be women in the spotlight. By the time the bell sounds to end the match, the only name that will be declared the winner is "The Graceful Assassin" Beatrice Pendragon.

scene fades

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